'Pokémon Sun And Moon' Trial Guide: Early Cheat Sheet To Captains And Kahunas

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pokemon sun and moon Tapu Koko
Tapu Koko and the other Tapus may change the metagame of 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Pokemon Company

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the whole gym and league system has been replaced with a number of trials on each of the four islands capped off by a kahuna to beat at the end. The trials are varied, though the kahuna is always a straightforward fight. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to the first few trials and kahunas you’ll face on your way through Alola. Levels listed for Pokémon may vary in your game.

  • Melemele Island, Trial 1: Find and defeat 3 Yungoose for Captain Ilima. A Team Skull grunt team will get in your way. The Totem is a Gumshoes who summons other Yungoose.  

  • Melemele Island, Kahuna: Hau’s grandpa specializes in Fighting Pokémon. You’ll face off against a Level 14 Mankey, Makuhita and Crabrawler.

  • Akala Island, Trial 2: Follow Captain Lana through Briklet Hill. Fight Totem Wishiwashi at the end (level 20). The Wishiwashi will summon other Wishiwashi as well as a healer Pokémon.

  • Akala Island, Trial 3: You’ll have to observe a number of dances for Captain Kiawe and point out what is different between them. The answers are “Middle Marowak,” “Hiker,” “Magmar” and “the new Pokemon.” You’ll fight Totem Salazzle at level 22, who summons Salandit at level 20 to help out.

  • Akala Island, Trial 4: Captain Mallow will instruct you to find four ingredients in the Lush Jungle, which is full of Grass types. The ingredients are Mago Berry, Tiny Mushroom, Revival Herb and Miracle Seed. Her meal will summon the Totem Pokemon Lurantis at level 24. Lurantis can not only heal itself with Synthesis, it also summons Trumbeak and Castform for assistance.

  • Akala Island, Kahuna: The beautiful Olivia specializes in Rock types. You'll have to fight a Nosepass, a Bouldur and a Lycanroc, all level 26. 

  • Ula’ula Island, Trial 5: At the Hokulani Observatory, you’ll first need to face off against Molayne, whose team is a level 29 Skarmory, a level 30 Dugtrio and a level 29 Metang. Once you reach Sophocles, you’ll have to take an Audio Quiz. The answers are: “Poké Center” (fight Grubbin level 27), “Rotem Dex” (fight Charjabug level 27), “Charjabug” (fight another Charjabug), and “a Totem Pokemon.” The Totem Pokemon is Vikavolt at Level 29, who has Levitate, so Ground-type moves don’t affect him. He summons Charjabugs for help.

This cheat sheet should be enough to get you through the first few trials. We’ll add to our cheat sheet as we progress through Pokémon Sun and Moon, so be sure to check back as your island challenge progresses.

Got any tips for fellow Pokémon Sun and Moon trial-goers? Feel free to drop a note in our comments section below.

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