‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’: Second Global Mission Ends In Failure… Again

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global mission
Secret mission alert! Pokemon Company

One of the new features of Pokémon Sun and Moon was the Festival Plaza and the introduction of Global Missions that allow trainers from around the world to complete a goal together. Unfortunately, it seems Pokémon trainers have failed the second Global Mission.

The official Global Link website posted the results and gave the disappointing news that the community has failed.

Here’s the official announcement:

“Unfortunately, the goal for the “Find Pokémon Using Island Scan!” global mission wasn’t reached. But all is not lost—everyone who participated will get 217 Festival Coins! And if you registered your Game Sync ID at the Pokémon Global Link before the mission ended, you’ll get an extra 217 Festival Coins.

“Good luck next time, Trainers!”

Global Missions are created by The Pokémon Company and ask trainers to perform a certain action a certain number of times. The first Global Mission in Sun and Moon was to catch 100 million Pokémon, which also failed, and now trainers couldn’t meet the 1 million Island Scans.

Not all is lost, however, as these Global Missions in Sun and Moon allow trainers to rack up Festival Coins to be used in the Festival Plaza. There are plenty of items and goodies to purchase there, so even though a Mission may have failed, participating can earn players a lot of Festival Coins.

A third Global Mission will likely be announced very soon, so be sure to check back with iDigitalTimes for the latest.

With another Global Mission failure, do you think Game Freak/The Pokémon Company need to scale down their numbers? Or are trainers just not dedicated enough? Let us know in the comments section below.

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