'Persona 5' Spinoffs Hinted At By Atlus Trademark Filings

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Persona 5 take your heart edition unboxing Atlus

Earlier this week, a number of what appear to be Persona 5-related domain names were submitted for trademark filing, hinting at Atlus’ possible plans for future spinoffs of the game.

Evidence of the domain registration appeared on NeoGAF a few days after the filing. The domain names include:

  • p5d.jp
  • p5u.jp
  • P5ag.jp
  • p5r.jp

Persona 4 ’s enhanced Golden edition added new Social Links and storylines to the main P4 story, which spawned several spinoffs of its own, including the Arena and Arena Ultimax brawlers as well as the Dancing All Night rhythm game.

We’ve known for some time Atlus likely planned a similar approach with the Persona 5 IP. Back in February, the company issued a survey to fans in Japan, asking about possible fighting games, dancing games, as well as ports and remasters to other consoles. (Siliconera has an interesting breakdown of the questions participants were asked.)

The NeoGAF post seems to support speculation Atlus could be planning a Persona 5 dancing title (P5D), an “After Golden” enhanced edition of P5 (P5AG) and/or another fighter in the Ultimax vein (P5U). Bear in mind, these are only guesses based on Atlus’ past releases relating to Persona 4. It’s also very likely that some of these sites will never be used for anything; the company could be staking the claim just in case.

Of the four domains, P5R is the one we don’t have a real answer for. Perhaps it’s a Nintendo Switch port of Persona 5, so you never need to tear yourselves away from the Phantom Thieves  for even a single second? It’s an intriguing idea, but there’s really no evidence for that at this point. We know Atlus is working on a Shin Megami Tensei game for the Switch, but the company’s never mentioned anything about bringing Persona to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Are you enjoying Persona 5? Any guesses as to what these future P5 titles could be? Let us know in the comments!

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