'Overwatch' Nuking Hack: Cheat Popular In Korea Moving Worldwide?

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Pharrah and Winston laugh at your hacks Blizzard

Overwatch is a game that requires a ton of aim, skill and mental fortitude. When you don’t have any of these things but still want to win badly enough, there’s only one way to go: hacks. Some players who will go to any lengths to push a payload will use aimbots, scripts that allow them to dodge every projectile and even some truly dastardly tactics. The newest Overwatch cheating method is called nuking and it’s absolutely brutal.

Popular on the Korean Overwatch servers, nuking is a new form of cheating that immobilizes the enemy team. A salty player sends an unimaginable amount of packets to their opponent’s IP address, forcing the game to lag. Nuking can be used in a bunch of different ways: it can kick players off a certain map and force them to play on a different one, kick players from the game altogether, or just make aiming impossible. It’s essentially a DDoS attack that can’t be tracked.

Here’s a video compilation of players getting nuked (FYI: it’s in Korean):

So what can you do to combat nuking in your games? Right now, the answer isn’t much. The Korean Overwatch servers are filled with cheaters who still haven’t been banned yet. According to reddit user TISRobins311, 10 percent of Overwatch’s Grandmaster and above are using some form of hack and about three to four percent are nuking. Though this is just an educated guess, it doesn’t feel that out of the ordinary. Watch a high-level Korean Overwatch stream and you’ll find dozens of cheaters facing off against each other.

Nuking hasn’t caught on overseas yet, but given the popularity of the hack it might in the future. If you get nuked in any of your Overwatch games, report the players on the enemy team as soon as you can. If the nuke completely kicked you out of the game or made it so laggy the report button couldn’t be clicked, write down the names of your opponent’s and open a ticket with Blizzard.

I don’t want to have to worry about another hack destroying my games, Nuking is serious and will definitely get you banned if you use it, once Blizzard figures out how to catch you.

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