'Overwatch' Chinese New Year Event: 5 Skins Blizzard Needs To Celebrate The Year Of The Rooster

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Blizzard has created Summer Olympics, Halloween and Christmas events for Overwatch , so what is going to be featured in the game next? Easter Bunny Zenyatta? Too Much Sun Solider:76? My personal guess is the Chinese New Year, an important holiday in early January to mid-February. Overwatch is huge in China and it would be a missed opportunity not to at least have a few skins. League of Legends has the Lunar Revel, why shouldn’t Overwatch?

Here are my top five picks for Chinese New Year-themed Overwatch skins:

Firecracker Junkrat

I know this one is the easiest to point out, but I would be a moron not to include it. The Chinese invented fireworks over 2,000 years ago and Junkrat loves blowing stuff up. Sounds like a match made in explosive heaven. His spinning wheel of death gets replaced by a Roman Candle that explodes with glorious colors when you press the trigger. I’ve talked myself into needing this skin.

Genji / Hanzo Dragon Buddies

These two brothers might come from a Japanese crime syndicate family, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get involved in the festivities. I’d love a more Chinese mythological dragon to pop out of either’s ultimate, completely engulfing the field in fireworks and pyrotechnic displays. Stuff Hanzo in a tattered robe and Genji in a tin can covered in dragon tattoos and you’ve got two awesome skins.

Jade Empress Symmetra

Symmetra is a very elegant, noble spirit who fights for the good of the people. It would only make sense to see her in a glowing gown, maybe a Hanfu, that sparkles with prismatic energy. Apply some gold trim around her teleporter, turrets and gun and she would look absolutely divine. It might be hard for the Overwatch team to come up with proper floating dress physics, but I’m sure (as long as it doesn’t break the game) it can be done.

Dragon Tamer Mei

In 2015, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said Mei would get a new Legendary skin “early next year.” Fitting Mei, who is a tiny girl in a giant parka, might be bit hard but I have an idea. Stick Mei in the face end of a traditional Chinese dragon outfit. The Lion Dance face is burly enough to keep Mei’s bulky physique while still leaving enough open for her abilities and hitbox. Have her sticking out of the head’s mouth, looking like she’s being eaten. This might be a bit too insane, even for the Overwatch team, but you can’t blame me for dreaming.

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