'Overwatch' Halloween Event: Leaked Audio Files And Video Short Easter Egg Hint At Seasonal Event

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overwatch graphic novel art
Overwatch cover art. (c) Blizzard

An Overwatch Halloween event seems like a no-brainer for Blizzard. After the (mostly) positive reception surrounding the Summer Games event earlier this year, fans are clamoring for more seasonal content and Halloween is approaching fast. But do we really know anything about an Overwatch Halloween event? Depends on who you ask. Blizzard hasn’t made any official Overwatch Halloween announcements or teases, but some data mining fans found a few clues and there’s even a big, fat clue in the game’s intro. Some clever/artistic fans have even thrown out some ideas for what would make a boo-tiful Halloween for Overwatch enthusiasts. So, what’s out there?

Overwatch Halloween Event Voice Lines Exist

Easily the most concrete evidence for an Overwatch Halloween event comes by way of this reddit post from July. Redditor TheFunyunKnight posted in r/Overwatch that he/she had managed to extract some audio files from the game that point to some special events coming in October. Reinhardt has two lines about Oktoberfest - “ Oktoberfest! My favorite time of year! Now where are my lederhosen? ” and “ Do I have time for a currywurst? Hmm? ” While these lines don’t specifically mention Halloween, they are related to the month of October and should show up soon. But there are also Overwatch Halloween event specific lines from Genji “ My Halloween costume? Cyborg ninja. ”, Soldier 76 “ Trick or treat. ” and Tracer “ Ooh, scary!

Obviously, until things get confirmed by Blizzard we don’t know for sure that these Overwatch Halloween lines are the real deal, but they certainly aren’t doing anything to lower fan expectations.

Overwatch Halloween Mercy And Torbjorn Costumes

From Winston's short, this pic shows Halloween hijinx. Photo: Blizzard

Since we don’t have anything official from Blizzard on an Overwatch Halloween event we’re left to traffic in pure conjecture . And the above image, taken directly from Winston’s ‘Recall’ animated short , shows us Halloween. Specifically, it shows Mercy in a witch costume and Torbjorn in a Viking outfit. Neither of those outfits are currently in the game for either character, so we might see them debut around Halloween. Of course, since they’re featured in an old photo both Torbjorn and Mercy may have moved on to something fresh for this year’s festivities.  

Overwatch Halloween Fan Art

Overwatch fans don’t need any extra incentive to profess their love for what is, in my humble opinion, the best game of 2016 and the best shooter since maybe ever. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorites courtesy of the Overwatch skin concepts tumblr and, of course, r/overwatch .

illusionist genji - tauxy
MAgic's in the air ... so are shurikens. Photo: tumblr/tauxy

This Illusionist Genji from tauxy might not be specifically Halloween themed but, as a costume, it absolutely fits the character. As much as I hate playing against Genji, I’d like to see him kill me with playing cards from some impossible distance in the cheapest way possible as a nice change of pace.

mcree musketeer - yokozumi
One for all and all for high noon. Photo: tumblr/yokozumi

Musketeer McCree just rolls off the tongue. Blizzard has already covered the cowboy aesthetic pretty well with his gambler and mystery man skins, so a foray into the legendary gunmen of the pre-Western era would be great to see. And yokozumi ’s skin is a great place to start.

zenyatta ghost -
Discord orbs > Mallo Cups Photo: reddit/fiji707

Zenyatta’s ghost costume is the silliest on this list, but also my favorite. Redditor fij707 has the perfect blend of silly, seasonal humor with a unique Overwatch character trait. He hovers, ghosts hover, why not mash ‘em up?

reaper - haileymakes
The horseless headless horseman. Photo: tumblr/haileymakes

Reaper is already on theme for Halloween with his default skin, so Blizzard needn’t concern itself with jazzing him up for the Overwatch Halloween event. But if it’s in the works then Blizzard should consider haileymakes ’ Headless Horseman tribute.

Overwatch Halloween Event Wishlist

Finally, what would an article about the things we might see be without a list of the things we WANT to see? Obviously, we’d like to see skins. Lots of skins. Frankenstein Zarya. Wolfman Torbjorn. Dracula Hanzo. King Kong Winston. Jason Vorhees Roadhog. The list can go on and on. But I think there’s room for some fun stuff beyond just skins.

I’d like to see jack-o-lantern themed loot boxes that explode with candy instead of confetti. A new game mode would be great too. Lucio Ball wasn’t exactly my thing (if I want Rocket League I’ll play Rocket League ) but the Halloween theme opens up some intriguing possibilities. I’d hate to see a zombies mode because those have been done to death, but I think a mode that celebrates juvenile destruction would be great. I love trashing the waiting room before a match, so I’d like to see Blizzard just fill the maps with breakable items and arm players with toilet paper and eggs and spraypaint and let teams run around vandalizing their way across all the maps.

What do you think? Is an Overwatch Halloween event going to happen? Or is Blizzard going to wait until the holidays before unleashing some new themed skins and games? What do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments!


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