Nintendo Switch Skins, Stickers, Or Adhesives Of Any Kind May Be A Really Bad Idea

nintendo switch home menu
The home menu for the Nintendo Switch Nintendo

If you’re excited to start customizing your Nintendo Switch with skins, stickers, washi tape or any type of adhesives: maybe don’t start doing that right away.

According to Toronto-based company dbrand, which makes skins for a variety of phones including Samsung Galaxy, LG, iPhone and Pixel, the Joy-Con coatings do not take well to adhesives of any kind. Check out their tweets below:

The official wraps approved by Nintendo may or may not cause problems, but these photos from dbrand of what the Switch looks like after adhesive application don’t bode well.

At any rate, it seems safe to say that you should hold off on skinning your Switch and Joy-Cons, lest you end up with a look that’s way more rugged underneath your custom decal than you were planning for.

Have you had any problems with custom decals on your Nintendo Switch? Do you think the concern is overblown, or will you be foregoing custom Switch skins as well? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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