Nintendo Switch Memory: How To Install A MicroSD Card To Increase Storage [VIDEO]

nintendo Switch-stand kickstand
The Nintendo Switch stand is pretty flimsy so be careful. Nintendo

It’s been well-documented that the Nintendo Switch console only comes with 32GB of internal memory ( 25.9GB if you count the amount of storage being used by the console right out of the box) but Nintendo does allow for installation of a MicroSD card to increase its memory.

The MicroSD card slot in the Nintendo Switch isn’t anywhere visible, but if you pop open the kickstand (be sure not to pull too hard) you’ll see exactly where the MicroSD Card can be inserted.

Just insert your MicroSD card and your Nintendo Switch will prompt to restart the system. Do so and your console will begin to start saving on the MicroSD card and not the internal memory, allowing for more games to be downloaded onto the system.

However, it seems that save files don’t go on the MicroSD cards and can’t be transferred to another console if, say, your Switch breaks. You can transfer games and purchases to another console but not the save file on day one. Whether this will change with a future update is not yet known but it’s good to keep that in mind.

We recommend installing a 128GB MicroSD card but you can probably make do with just 64GB and you can get them reasonably priced online.

Nintendo Life did a snazzy little video tutorial on just where the MicroSD card slot is and how to install a card, so be sure to check it out. Let us know if you’ve already installed a MicroSD card for your Nintendo Switch in the comments section below.

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