Nintendo Switch Skin Problems: Skinit GM Refutes Decal Damage Claims

nintendo Switch skin test
Skinit has done extensive tests on the Nintendo Switch and found their console skins don't damage the console. Skinit

With the release of the Nintendo Switch it seems that skins and decals that adhere directly onto the Switch console and controllers could damage the surface. It turned out to be a big deal, especially when Toronto-based dbrand made claims on Twitter telling Switch users to not buy a skin for their Switch after their tests found the adhesion used did not work well with the Nintendo Switch coating. Now,  another branded product company has come out to refute these claims.

Skinit, a San Diego-based company since 2005, recently conducted a series of tests on the Switch and they concluded that the damage that dbrand has reported does not apply to their brand of adhesive.  

The company uses a different formulation of adhesive, which is more conducive to surface adhesion and removal compared to ​other companies' industry quality adhesive. They provided iDigitalTimes with the following statement.

“At Skinit, we take the protection and personalization of our customers’ electronic devices very seriously. Don't let companies mislead you to think that you cannot skin the Nintendo Switch. We wanted to clear up the air and address the recent statements indicating that all Nintendo Switch device skins can tarnish the system. After thorough rounds of testing with Skinit decal skins on the production device itself, not a prototype, we can confirm that Skinit’s Nintendo Switch Skins do not damage the new Nintendo Switch in any way and you can skin the Nintendo Switch,” said John Buss, GM of Skinit Acquisition. “While other companies' skins are made with industrial quality adhesive, Skinit uses an entirely different formulation of adhesive which is more conducive to surface adhesion and removal. Skinit uses premium patented technology and adhesive to ensure we provide customers the best materials for any electronic device that won’t damage your device.

Our motto is personalized protection. We conducted rigorous tests of our Nintendo Switch Skins with the console, joy-con controllers and pro controllers and we are able to conclude that Skinit Nintendo Switch Skins are safe for Switch applications. While we can't guarantee competitor skins, we are happy to offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee for any Skinit customers unsatisfied with their product. Game on and make it yours.”

Skinit has also provided a short clip of their Switch skin being removed, showing no damage.

We reached out to dbrand about Skinit’s rebuttal, and will update if we hear back.

The shipping date for the Skinit Nintendo Switch skins isn’t until March 14, so time will tell if damage will occur when the product reviews come in.

In the meantime, we want to know what you think. Have you purchased from Skinit before? Do you believe the Nintendo Switch can have a skin or decal without causing damage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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