How To Start A Fire In 'Breath Of The Wild': Tips And Tricks For Keeping Link Warm

legend of zelda link screenshot breath of the wild
A screenshot of Link against the elements in Breath of the Wild. (c) Nintendo

If you’re confused on how to start a fire in Breath of the Wild, don’t worry. You aren’t alone in wondering how to start a fire, and besides, fire is of critical importance in surviving Breath of the Wild’s vast and dangerous world. Here’s how to start a fire in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Method 1:

Hit a flint with a metallic weapon inches away from the wood. Flints are obtained through breaking rocks with a bomb or hammer.

Method 2:

Shoot a fire arrow. Fire arrows are found very early in the game, in a skull-like structure east of the Temple of Time. Once enemies are cleared, the chest inside the skull will unlock, rewarding you with fire arrows. Various village shops and wandering merchants will also carry this important item.

Method 3:

Transfer flame from elsewhere on a wooden object, like from a nearby lantern or torch. This will eventually consume the wooden object.

Method 4:

Drop and strike red Chuchu jelly (obtained from enemies called Fire Chuchus) to cause a small explosion.

Bing-bang-boom! You’ve got fire.

Fire has many applications in the world of Breath of the Wild . You can use it to detonate explosive barrels, burn distant platforms where a chest rests, burn dry grass and other flora, cause an updraft and so forth.

Fire can often be found in camps, under cooking pots or in lanterns. Your wooden arrows can be set on fire. You can cause additional damage to enemies, solve puzzles, or interact with the environment with fire. But don’t set yourself on fire - direct exposure to flame will melt Link’s health bar and his journey will come to a smoldering end.

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