‘Constantine’ Animated Series On CW Seed Means There’s Probably No ‘Constantine’ Season 2 In The Works

John Constantine would be an awesome addition to Rip Hunter's 'Legends' team. DC Comics

Warner Bros. has announced a new Constantine animated series will premiere on CW Seed alongside Vixen. Unfortunately, this probably means The CW isn’t thinking about reviving NBC’s live action Constantine series for Season 2. However, Matt Ryan’s new relationship with the Arrowverse could mean there’s hope we’ll see him on Arrow, The Flash or Legends.

The poster for 'Constantine' on CW Seed. Photo: Warner Bros.

Matt Ryan made a cameo during Arrow Season 4. He and Ollie have been friends ever since and the rumor mill has held strong for Ryan’s appearance on of DC’s four CW shows. Arrow fans fell in love with Constantine’s performance when he came to Star City to help Oliver restore Sara’s soul after she was brought back to life in the Lazarus Pit. Constantine’s name has been mentioned as recently as Season 4’s “Genesis,” where Oliver called him for advice about fending off Damien Darhk’s magic. Constantine directed Ollie to his friend Esrin Fortuna, who taught Ollie how to channel magic through light and hope.

In “Taken,” Oliver tells Diggle Constantine is in Hell, an interdimensional underworld where he likely went to save Astra Logue, a girl he accidentally sent there in a failed exorcism attempt. He presumably found a way out, since Oliver was able to contact him for help five episodes later.

Constantine tv series cast
The cast of the 'Constantine' tv series. Photo: NBC

At least this way, we’ll get to see Constantine alongside fan-favorite Arrowverse characters like The Flash, Arrow, Firestorm and others. All voiced by their live-action counterparts, similar to Vixen , we’ll still get a taste of what it would have been like to see Constantine working with Arrowverse heroes on a regular basis. It’s a shame the web series will get episodes running only 10 minutes or less, but Constantine fans who have been begging for a series continuation for years will take what they can get.

justice league dark batman constantine
Batman's inclusion in 'Justice League Dark' is important. Photo: Warner Bros.

DC executive Geoff Johns recently teased a new DC TV announcement . Constantine could be the series he’s speaking about, though I think it’s safe to say most fans are hoping he was speaking of a live-action series, such as the long-rumored Black Lightning.

Constantine Season 1 is available to stream for free on CW Seed. Matt Ryan voices Constantine in the upcoming DCEU animated film, Justice League Dark . Read more about his role here.

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