'Breath Of The Wild' Stone Talus Guide: How To Beat This Enemy Sub-Boss And All Its Variants

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breath of the wild legend of zelda talus
Rage against the Talus in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (c) Nintendo

The Stone Talus and its variants can be found all across Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but how do you defeat this nefarious sub-boss? When you see the Stone Talus rear its head across the fields in Breath of the Wild, what is the best strategy to beat it? Find out how to beat the Stone Talus enemy and even farm it efficiently for resources and quick cash in our Stone Talus enemy guide below.

First of all, the Talus all share a primary attack strategy: they fling their rock arms at high speed in Link’s direction and only occasionally use their boulder-like limbs to swipe at him. The rock “arms” are hard to dodge because of its sheer size and they are replaced afterwards, so you want to knock these guys out quick.

The most straightforward way to achieve victory against a Talus is to blow up its arms using bombs. Whenever you successfully do this, the Talus collapses, giving you the perfect opening for climbing onto their backs and attacking their crystal weak point. Immediately targeting this specific weakness can help you land a few extra blows.

When attacking the crystal on a Talus’s back, you want to use weapons designed to break stones: boulder breakers, cobble crushers, stone smashers and iron sledgehammers. All of these weapons are found in the Eldin region. These weapons suffer lower durability reductions when hitting crystals as well as inflicting enhanced damage against them. Don’t wear your good swords down on those Talus crystals!

When the crystal of a Talus is located on its side, you can reach it from the ground without clambering onto the Talus’ back. You can do this using weapons like spears with a long reach. Lock onto the crystal and attack repeatedly in order to end the battle fast.

The Stone Talus comes in three variants:

Stone Talus : With HP 300, the Stone Talus drops Flint, Amber, Opal and Ruby. You can find it in the Tabantha Tower Region, the Ridgeland Tower Region, the Central Tower Region, the Great Plateau Region, the Dueling Peaks Tower Region, the Faron Tower Region, and the Hateno Tower Region.

Luminous Stone Talus: With HP 600, the Luminous Stone Talus drops Flint, Amber, Opal, Luminous Stone, Topaz and Diamond. It can be found in the Ridgeland Tower Region, the Gerudo TOwer Region, the Wasteland Tower Region, the Central Tower Region, the Dueling Peaks Tower Region, the Hateno Tower Region, and the Laanayru Tower Region.

Rare Stone Talus: HP 900, this tough beastie drops Flint, Amber, Opal, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. This rare creature can be found in the Gerudo Tower Region, the Tabantha Tower Region, the Hebra Tower Region, the Ridgeland Tower region and the Central TOwer Region.

Other variants of the Talus include the following:

Igneo Talus : This fiery beast may be found in the Eldin region. If you make contact with any one of these, they will burn Link. The only way to avoid it is to equip Link with a complete flamebreaker armor set, upgraded to level 2 by a great fairy and imbued with the fireproof effect. Alternatively, attack the Igneo Talus with any ice-infused arrow or weapon to cool it down, then knock it down with a bomb and climb on its back, targeting its weak point. You can repeat this strategy until the Igneo Talus finally falls.

Frost Talus : This is the Igneo Talus’ cold cousin, located in the Hebra Tower Region and the Gerudo Tower Region. They freeze Link on contact unless Link is wearing a full snowquill armor set, upgraded to level 2 by a great fairy in order to unlock the unfreezable effect. Without this armor set, you’ll want to use fire arrows to melt the ice, bomb it and climb on its back, attacking its weak point until it falls.

Pebblits : The Pebblits are bite-sized versions of the Talus that come in all the same variants: Igneo, Frost and Stone. While less dangerous than their sub-boss dads, they can pose a problem when you encounter a group of them. Take them out using bombs or any weapons effective against rocks.

Each Talus usually drops a vast amount of gemstones. Once you get the hang of how they attack and how to defeat them, farming the Talus can get you a lot of dosh in a very little time.

Got any tips or tricks on defeating the Stone Talus and its friends? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. But don’t leave without checking out the rest of our Breath of the Wild guide series below:

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