'Breath Of The Wild' Rupee Trick: Get 700 Rupees Every 3 Minutes, Shares Redditor

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Zelda Breath of the Wild
Redditer KumaKumaa breaks down Rupee farming in 'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.' kamekaz3 / YouTube screen cap

As in life, as well as any time-investing RPG game, money makes the world go round. And the more money you have, the easier life gets. According to redditor KumaKumaa on /r/Breath_of_the_Wild, a handy method could yield more than 700 rupees in two minutes and thirty seconds in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Breath of the Wild rupee farming method is to essentially repeat the Gut Check Challenge. But before getting into details, KumaKumaa first broke down the prerequisites necessary to get the rupee farming spree going.

First, note this is an advanced area and may not be advisable for players just starting out. You must have Gorae Torr Shrine already unlocked. The shrine is located just north of Death Mountain at Gut Check Rock. In order to unlock this shrine, you must do the Gut Check Challenge the Goron offers you. Pay the Goron 20 rupees to climb and you can collect 100 rupees. Upon completing the Gut Check Challenge and unlocking the Gorae Torr Shrine, you will also unlock the Super Gut Challenge. 

Secondly, KumaKumaa also recommends players to completely max out Link's stamina, even if it means swapping out HP in order to do so. The modifications can be done at Hateno Village. A sad statue is located to the right once you enter the village – make a right on the road and there shall be a small road between the hills on the right. You may sell your stamina/hp to the statue for 100 rupees and buy back another stamina/hp of your choice for 120 rupees. Of course, you can still farm without max stamina, just be aware the Gut Check will require a bit more time to complete.

KumaKumaa outfitted Link with Max Stamina without climbing gear. According to redditor Mrsonic699, the climbing gear set with double fairy upgrades enables jump while climbing without consuming extra stamina. For better insight on proper climbing gear, check out iDigitalTimes' armor guide in Breathe of the Wild. It'll make the Gut Check Rock climb even quicker.

Without further ado, watch KumaKumaa run straight up the cliff and collect the Blue rupees on the boulder before grabbing onto the Red. A sequence of climbing maneuvers should streamline your path from one platform to the next, collecting enough Rupees to earn more than 700 in three minutes or less.

Check out the gameplay in the video below:

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