'Breath Of The Wild' Easter Eggs And Secrets: 18 Things You'd Probably Miss If We Didn't Tell You

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zelda breath of the wild great fairy spring
The Great Fairies in 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' can upgrade Link's armor. Nintendo

If you’ve finally gotten your hands on the wild and wonderful Breath of the Wild, you won’t want to miss out on all the easter eggs and secrets hidden in the latest Legend of Zelda installment’s vast, vast world. Without further ado, here’s a quick ‘n dirty tips 'n tricks guide to all the secrets in Breath of the Wild you won’t want to miss.

  • If you throw the arm of a Stalizalfos, it will come back to you like a boomerang.

  • You swim faster without armor.

  • Shield-surfing works on grassy areas as well as snow, but avoid rocky ground as it will deplete your shield’s durability rapidly. If you hit “y” you can perform a 1080 degree spin on your shield, while hitting “x” and tilting the left control stick sideways lets you perform tricks.

  • If you try to open a treasure chest without wearing leg armor, you can enjoy Link’s contortions of pain, you sadist freak.

  • When climbing, if you jump with your stamina wheel in the final red section, you will cover twice the usual amount of ground.

  • After completing “From the Ground Up,” you will find a character called Grante in Tarrey Town. He is Robbie’s son and sells a number of important articles you can only acquire once through normal measures, including the Hylian shield as well as other unique armor pieces from different shrines. These articles are available in Grante’s inventory when you get them in the game, so if you break your Hylian shield or sell those armor pieces, Grante will let you buy them back.

  • Follow the path of a shooting star to its landing spot, and you’ll find a star fragment. This stone is needed in certain cooking recipes or to upgrade specific pieces of equipment using the great fairies.

  • Hit a cucco with a weapon and it might just lay an egg. Don’t go crazy, though, or you’ll get the classic Cucco horde bent on revenge.

  • You can ride deers and bears just like you would a horse. They’re not as obedient and you can’t register them, plus you’ll need stealth bonuses and a very careful approach, but dude, you can ride a bear.

  • You can make Link temporarily immune to fire by submerging him in water. Once fully soaked, he can stand in fire and not get burned for a short period of time.

  • Throw a rusty weapon or shield at a Rock Octorok and the little fella will fling your item back to you in brand-new condition. How nice!

  • You can grab arrows stuck in a wooden shield after defeating the enemy who shot them at you. Waste not want not! You can also collect arrows you dodged from an enemy archer or your own arrows that missed their target.

  • If you are sent flying by an explosion or something, draw your paraglider while in midair and cut short the animation sequence.

  • You can take selfies with your camera! With the rune activated, hit “x” and take a pic as usual. There are eight different poses.

  • There is a unique creature atop Satori Mountain (south of Ridgeland Tower) known as Lord of the Mountain. You’ll know it’s there due to a large blue glow that can be seen from far away. Move within range and make your final approach carefully from behind your house, crouch-walking and with stealth bonuses at max. When only a few steps away, sprint and hit “A” to mount it, then hit “L” repeatedly to keep it from bucking you off. When soothed efficiently, two full circles of stamina will be required to fully subdue it. While it can’t be registered in stables, it has maxed out attributes and is super fast. It’s also a compendium entry, so take a photo before you leave.

  • Head to the Malanya Spring in the Lake Tower region (southeast of Highland Stable), examine what looks like a Great Fairy Fountain, then pay 1000 rupees to make Malanya appear. She is the horse fairy that revives horses who have perished.

  • The Coliseum ruins located to the north of the Great Plateau will eventually host many high-level opponents, including a Silver Lynel and various enemies bearing elemental weapons. That means that in the late-game, you canf ill your inventory with fire, lightning, and ice-infused blades by successfully beating these enemies. Two treasure chests are also located at the very top of the ruins.

Dog Treasure Locations:

If you offer three pieces of fruit or meat to a dog, they may lead you to a special location. Here’s where you can find these special canine friends as well as the prize you’ll get from them.

  • Hateno Village: Silver Rupee

  • Tarrey Town: Bomb Arrow x5

  • East Akkala Stable: Shock Arrow x10

  • South Akkala Stable: Knight’s Claymore

  • Woodland Stable: Ice Arrow x10

  • Snowfield Stable: Star Fragment, Feathered Spear

  • Kara Kara Bazaar: Knight’s Bow

  • Lurelin Village: Star Fragment

  • Highland Stable: Silver Rupee

  • Lakeside Stable: Forest Dweller’s Spear

  • Outskirt Stable: Silver Rupee

  • Gerudo Canyon Stable: Ice Arrow x10

  • Serenne Stable: Gold Rupee

  • Wetland Stable: Opal

Note: Tarrey Town must be fully developed by completing the “From The Ground Up” sidequest.

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