BioWare's 'Dylan' Game Will Debut At E3 2017, Will Be Like 'Destiny'

BioWare's next game, possibly called Dylan, will be an MMO like Destiny EA

Rumors of BioWare’s next big game have popped up thanks to Liam Robertson, a journalist behind the popular “Did You Know Gaming?” and Unseen 64 videos and articles. According to Robertson, BioWare’s new game, called Dylan for now, will debut at this year’s E3.

Robertson released this information, along with the news that Knights of the Old Republic is getting a remake/reboot, on his podcast for Patreon supporters. While this information shouldn’t be taken as fact until EA makes some formal announcement, Robertson is respected enough in the games industry to have built up a network of contacts to get insider information, and is incredibly confident in his information.

"It's name right now is Dylan - there's no other way to say it right now, it's Dylan, as in Bob Dylan," Robertson said about the game. While this could be a working title, Robertson did confirm that Dylan is a sci-fi themed game with MMO elements similar to Destiny and The Division, and the title may have some relation to the game’s main character.

As for what the game will actually be like, Robertson isn’t quite as positive. “Someone described it as a 'semi-MMO.' I don't know much more than that... it is a huge-scale project, perhaps the biggest BioWare has ever done,” Robertson said. “It's bigger than Mass Effect: Andromeda, considerably so. It will have co-op.”

While this is all still vague, Robertson isn’t as confident in the specifics of what’s going on. He mentioned that he had spoken to one artist on the project and was told that "the main character is this sort of like gorgeous Adonis and there is a female character as well - I'm not sure if you can play as her - but she's more schlubby looking and those are the two main characters."

BioWare has spoken about the game in the past, but all we have is a short tease from back in 2014 and a recent quote from the CEO of EA. The tease, which can be seen at the end of the video above, shows a day/night cycle in a location that looks straight from Mass Effect: Andromeda. In a financial call a few months ago, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, mentioned the new game will be out by the end of 2018’s first financial quarter. Wilson also called the game an action-adventure and not an RPG.

Regardless if these rumors are true or not, it seems very likely that BioWare will unveil something at this year’s EA Play (EA’s non-E3, but still during E3, event). With a planned launch less than a year away, BioWare is going to need to get the marketing machine up and running, especially since this doesn’t have the Mass Effect or Dragon Age name to fall back on.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see something new from BioWare? Do you think these Dylan rumors will end up being true? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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