Zelda Wii U Ready To Release When It Can ‘Deliver’ And Metroid Wii U Is Up To Game Developers, Says Nintendo Exec

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The Wii U console saw an increase in sales recently with the releases of Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. Wii U and the now popular Splatoon. But, as the summer of 2015 draws closer to the end and the holiday season begins, Nintendo has some omissions from its next-gen console lineup.

We are, of course, talking about Zelda and Metroid Wii U.

While Zelda Wii U was announced at E3 2014, there was no news regarding the next installment of the beloved Nintendo franchise except that it won’t be coming out ‘till 2016. But at this year’s E3, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, Scott Moffitt sat down with iDigitalTimes to give us some details on the highly anticipated title.

“We confirmed that a Zelda game, a new Zelda experience is in development for the Wii U and we have our team hard at work on that,” Moffitt said. “We want that to be the best Zelda experience. Fans have been waiting for and deserve a game when it’s ready, when it’s fully featured and when it can live up to what we would like to deliver.”

It’s pretty clear cut when it comes to Zelda Wii U. Moffitt reconfirms the 2016 release date and that it’s taking this long because they want to make sure it’s the game it’s being built up to be. But what about another Metroid game?

A Metroid Wii U game does not seem to be in the cards for the Wii U -- the Nintendo NX may be a different story -- but as Moffitt divulged, Nintendo is thinking about the next Metroid.

“Metroid is really up to our game developers to decide how best to create new and different experiences. This Metroid experience [Federation Force] offers a local multiplayer feature that could be a lot of fun for game fans and we hope fans try it out and come to their own conclusions,” Moffitt said. “I have nothing more to announce about a Metroid game for Wii U but let’s be happy for what we have. We’ve got something and let’s experience it and hope fans will enjoy.”

While the possibility of Metroid coming to the Wii U is still there, it doesn’t seem to be in Nintendo’s timeline. Perhaps if Federation Force does really well, Nintendo may begin to push for a “proper” Metroid game.

Until then, fans will have to wait, see and hope.

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