Xenoblade Chronicles X Release Date: Xenoblade Can’t Make Up For The Lack Of Fallout And Witcher

Xenoblade Chronicles X is out on Wii U in Japan in April, and in North America later this year... supposedly. Nintendo of America

All of us are excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X, the Wii U’s big RPG that’s coming out nobody quite knows when. It’s a big deal, one of the biggest, highest budget JRPGs that doesn’t bear the moniker Final Fantasy. And it’s a Wii U exclusive! But you know what? It isn’t enough. One great RPG isn’t enough RPGs for a system. Xenoblade Chronicles X can’t make up for the lack of Fallout 4 and Witcher 3.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Vs Fallout Vs Witcher


So Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to be a huge game, a crazy game, a unique game. It may be worth buying a Wii U for, if you’re the JRPG type, or even the open world RPG type. I don’t mean to deny that for a second. All signs point to it being a freakin’ amazing game. But it still isn’t enough.

It’s a distinct possibility that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be the only triple-A RPG title to grace the Wii U in the system’s lifetime. Think about it. There haven’t been any others so far, and aren’t any others on the horizon. Okay, if you count Zelda Wii U, there will be two. I would call that more of an adventure game, but your mileage may vary. That’s still just two games in the system’s lifetime.

Compare that to the other new-generation systems. PS4 and Xbox One owners already have The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, the finest game on the new systems so far, as well as Bloodborne (on PS4), Dragon Age: Inquisition, some Final Fantasy game or other, and not-entirely-dissimilar vaguely-RPGish games like Grand Theft Auto V. And then there’s all the stuff that’s coming out, most notably Fallout 4. There ain’t nothin’ like that on Wii U, and there isn’t going to be. Not now, not later, not ever.

And that’s not enough to carry a whole system, not if you’re a huge JRPG fan, or just a huge RPG fan. There won’t be any Final Fantasy games on Wii U, or Bethesda games or Bioware games or anything of the sort. Just Nintendo and its second parties, and maybe an Atlus game or two.

Wii U isn’t a first system or a sole system for big RPG fans. It can’t be. And that’s a shame. The Xenoblade Chronicles X release date is supposedly later this year, and we will all want it. We will all buy it. But man, I wish Nintendo had all that other stuff too.

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