'Word Cookies' Cheats: Answers For All Levels Including Vanilla, Cinnamon, Strawberry And Beyond (iOS)

'Word Cookies' Cheats: Answers For All Levels (iOS)
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Playing Word Cookies but can't figure out all the answers? Check out our complete list of Word Cookie answer cheats including levels Vanilla, Strawberry, Red Velvet and More. BitMango Word Cookies/ Player.One

Playing Word Cookies but can't figure out all the answers? Check out our complete list of Word Cookie answer cheats including levels Vanilla, Cinnamon, Banana and More.


Developers of the popular Roll the Ball mobile game have recently released another soon to be hit game, Word Cookies, available now on iOS and Android. This game will appeal to any puzzle loving word aficionados as players have the goal of connecting letters in a pan together to form lists of words. If you’ve just started playing, you’ll soon find the game is pretty addictive. For those who find themselves getting a little stumped on one level or other, you can use the coins you win to get little hints, or you can check out our cheats guides below with all the game answers starting at the Home Baker Pack and moving on through the Sous Chef Pack. In this article, we've included answers to all the Home Baker and Novice Chef levels. This includes tricky levels in the Vanilla, Cinnamon, Banana Packs and more. As we unlock further packs, we'll add new article links with the answers in the list below. 

Let’s get to cooking up some words!

Word Cookies Cheats: Answers For All Levels In Homebaker and Novice Packs

Find all the Word Cookies answers you couldn't figure out yourself, here. Photo: iDigitalTimes

Word Cookies Cheats: “Butter” Answers

Level 1 – My, Gym

Level 2 – Up, Cup

Level 3 – At, Bat, Tab

Level 4 – Go, Of, Fog

Level 5 – No, So, On, Son


Word Cookies Cheats: “Oatmeal” Answers

"Word Cookies" Cheats: Oatmeal Pack Answers Photo: Getty Images

Oatmeal Level 1 - Do, Dog, Go, God

Oatmeal Level 2 - Of, Ox, Fox

Oatmeal Level 3 - No, Now, On, Own

Oatmeal Level 4 - Am, May, My, Yam

Oatmeal Level 5 - At, Pat, Apt, Tap


Word Cookies Cheats: “Ginger” Answers

Word Cookies Cheats: "Ginger" Pack Answers Photo: Getty Images

Ginger Level 1 - Do, Of, Food

Ginger Level 2 - So, Us, Soul

Ginger Level 3 - Ace, Café, Face

Ginger Level 4 - No, One, On Oven

Ginger Level 5 - Do, Row, Or, Word, Rod

Ginger Level 6 - Is, So, We, Wise

Ginger Level 7 - Pit, Tip, Rip, Trip

Ginger Level 8 - At, Fat, Act, Fact, Cat

Ginger Level 9 - As, Save, Sea, Vase,

Ginger Level 10 - By, Buy, Sub, Bus, Busy, Us


Word Cookies Cheats: “Milk” Answers

Word Cookies Cheats: "Milk" Pack Answers Photo: Getty Images

Milk Level 1 - If, Fit, It, Gift, Fig

Milk Level 2 – Me, Lime, Mile, Lie

Milk Level 3 – In, Grin, Gin, Ring, Rig

Milk Level 4 – Show, Who, So, How, Sow

Milk Level 5 – Dew, Wide, Die, We

Milk Level 6 – If, Few, Wife

Milk Level 7 – In, Pie, Nip, Pin, Pine, Pen

Milk Level 8 – Bow, Owl, Low, Bowl, Blow, Lob

Milk Level 9 – So, Up, Us, Sop, Sup, Ups

Milk Level 10 – At, Rate, Tare, Tear

Special Level – Are, Art, Eat, Rat, Tar, Tea, Ret, Ear, Era

Milk Level 11 – Bid, Rid, Bird, Rib

Milk Level 12 – In, We, Win, New, Wine, Wen

Milk Level 13 – He, Ore, Her, Roe, Hoe, Hero

Milk Level 14 – Of, Fur, Or, Our, For, Four

Milk Level 15 – Hi, Nit, In, Tin, It, Hint, Hit, Thin


Word Cookies Cheats: “Vanilla” Answers

Word Cookies "Vanilla" Pack Answers Photo: Getty Images

Vanilla Level 1 – Cue, Ice, Juice

Vanilla Level 2 – Less, Bless

Vanilla Level 3 – Soy, Rosy, Sorry

Vanilla Level 4 – All, Call, Coal, Local

Vanilla Level 5 – Fat, Fats, Staff, Fast, Sat

Vanilla Level 6 – Hot, Hoot, Tooth, Tot, Too

Vanilla Level 7 – Ski, Wish, Whisk

Vanilla Level 8 – Aid, And, Din, India

Vanilla Level 9 – Day, Toy, Dot, Toad, Today, Oat

Vanilla Level 10 – Ire, Lie, Rev, Vie, Liver

Special Level -  Live, Veil, Rile, Evil, Rive, Vile

Vanilla Level 11 – Cab, Back, Lack, Black

Vanilla Level 12 – Joy, One, Yen, Enjoy

Vanilla Level 13 – Rib, Crib, Rich, Birch

Vanilla Level 14 – Lob, Loom, Bloom, Boom, Mob

Vanilla Level 15 – Put, Lit, Tip, Pit, Tulip, Lip

Vanilla Level 16 – Hot, Moth, Not, Month, Ton

Vanilla Level 17 – Law, Claw, Was, Claws, Saw, Laws

Vanilla Level 18 – Arrow, Row, Raw, War, Roar, Oar

Vanilla Level 19 – Fight, Gift, Fit, Hit, Fig

Vanilla Level 20 – Empty, Temp, Pet, Yet, Type, Met


Word Cookies Cheats: “Cinnamon” Answers

Word Cookies Cheats: “Cinnamon” Pack Answers Photo: iDigitalTimes

Cinnamon Level 1 – Mad, Mar, Arm, Dam, Drama, Ram, Rad

Cinnamon Level 2 – Cue, Lune, Clue, Uncle

Cinnamon Level 3 – Use, Uses, Sue, Sues,

Cinnamon Level 4 – Mid, Mud, Humid, Him, Him, Hid, Dim

Cinnamon Level 5 – Fever, Fe, Eve, Ever, Rev, Ref, Reef

Cinnamon Level 6 – Lye, Yell, Bye, Belly, Bell

Cinnamon Level 7 – Hut, Hub, Hum, Tub, Thumb, But, Bum

Cinnamon Level 8 – Dog, Duo, Dug, Hod, Hog, Hug, God, Dough

Cinnamon Level 9 – Army, Arm, Ram, Ray, Mar, Marry, May, Yam

Cinnamon Level 10 – Lop, Lip, Oil, Sop, Sip, Spoil

Cinnamon Special Level – Lips, Soil, Lisp, Slop, Oils, Silo

Cinnamon Level 11 – Than, Thank, Tan, Tank, Hat, Ant

Cinnamon Level 12 – Fairy, Air, Far, Airy, Fir, Fray, Fry, Ray, Fair

Cinnamon Level 13 – Ebb, Beak, Bake, Kebab, Babe

Cinnamon Level 14 – Cup, Coup, Pouch, Chop, Hop

Cinnamon Level 15 – Row, Lord, Word, World, Low, Old, Owl, Rod

Cinnamon Level 16 – Hit, Third, Rid, Dirt, Hid

Cinnamon Level 17 – Eve, Teen, Vent, Event, Ten, Tee, Eve, Vet, Net

Cinnamon Level 18 – Gin, Thin, Thing, Tin, Nit, Night, Hit, Hint

Cinnamon Level 19 – Pan, Pain, Piano, Pin, Nap, Nip, Ion

Cinnamon Level 20 – Ash, Sea, Ask, She, Has, Shake


Word Cookies Cheats: “Banana” Answers

Word Cookies Cheats: "Banana" Pack Answers Photo: Getty Images

Banana Level 1 – Ego, Loge Gel, Love, Glove, Vole, Leg, Log, 

Banana Level 2 – Self, Shelf, Elf, She, Flesh

Banana Level 3 – Ire, Mix, Mixer, Mire, Rim, Rime, Remix

Banana Level 4 – Candy, Can, Day, Cad, Any, And, Nay 

Banana Level 5 – Rag, Rug, Rugs, Rags, Sugar, Sags, Gas

Banana Level 6 – Age, Aim, Game, Mega, Gem, Mage, Image

Banana Level 7 – Tin, Nit. Pit, Trip, Pin, Pint, Print, Tip, Rip, Nip

Banana Level 8 – Don, Nod, Blond, Old, Bold, Bond Lob

Banana Level 9 – Eon, Hen, Hey, Hone, Honey, One, Yen, Hoe

Banana Level 10 – Greed, Reed, Deer, Edge, Red

Special Level - Beg, Breed, Bed, Bee, Bred, Beer

Banana Level 11 – Hot, Toy, Hut, Out, You, Youth

Banana Level 12 – For, Row, Froze, Zero, Fore, Ore

Banana Level 13 – Even, Never, Eve, Nerve, Veer, Rev, Ever

Banana Level 14 – Found, Nod, Fun, Fond, Fund, Undo, Duo, Don, Dun

Banana Level 15 – Last, Stall, Tall, Slat, Salt, Sat, All

Banana Level 16 – Grow, Worn, Row, Wrong, Grown, Now, Nor, Won, Own, Gown

Banana Level 17 – Bin, Grin, Gin, Rib, Ring, Bring, Big, Rig

Banana Level 18 – Dry, Tidy, Try, Dirty, Rid, Dirt

Banana Level 19 –  Hoe, The, Toe, Hole, Lot, Hotel, Let, Hot

Banana Level 20 – Take, Wake, Weak, Wet, Ate, Eat, Awe, Tea, Tweak


Word Cookies Cheats: “Strawberry” Answers

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Word Cookies Cheats: “Peach” Answers

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Word Cookies Cheats: “Red Velvet” Answers

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Word Cookies Cheats: “Rose” Answers

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Word Cookies Cheats: “Cherry” Answers

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