Witcher 3 News: CD Projekt Red Vigorously Denies Rumors Of Sale To EA

The Witcher 3 now features a New Game + mode CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a big, big hit, and has sold well over six million copies, a very impressive feat for a game from a relatively small developer with exactly one big IP. That success, of course, has started lots of rumors about CD Projekt Red and its future, including big talk about a possible sale to the industry giant EA. Well, CD Projekt Red has broken its rule about not commenting on rumors to kibosh the story: It ain’t happening. And we should be thankful.



The Witcher 3 Developer Isn’t Going Anywhere


The rumors about the possible sale of CD Projekt Red apparently started on the inside, from an employee leak to Dark Side of Gaming. The employee shared what was explicitly billed as “bad news,” which is that EA was wandering around their offices for meetings. Since the company doesn’t have any new games coming out for at least two years or so, they couldn’t be there for a publishing deal; they could only be interested in a sale (why EA would be interested in CD Projekt Red when they already have Dragon Age is beyond me, but the Witcher series is nominally over anyway).

Thus rumors spread, innocuously enough, from an employee with loose lips who was worried that his or her company was going to be sold. Luckily, we need not fear, although the employee surely needs to worry about getting hollered at for being such a blab: CD Projekt Red has officially denied the rumors via Twitter; as Gamesindustry.biz tracked down, even the company’s founder doesn’t know anything about the rumors:




So we need not fear for EA acquiring CD Projekt Red anytime soon. The fiercely independent developer shall remain just that. That said, EA probably was prowling around their office, whether to meet with business development executives, work on a publishing deal for years in the future, or merely to say hello and do a meet-and-greet. That’s how business works. It’s not automatically something to be worried about. So, for now at least, the developers of the best RPG in ages are free to do whatever they want with their next project. Which is even more Witcher 3 content, hooray!

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