Watch ‘Suits’ Season 6 Episode 1 Online: How Will Mike Survive In Prison? [SPOILERS]

Mike is behind bars in 'Suits' Season 6. USA

Suits left off on a very low point. Mike sacrificed himself to save the firm (even though it’s all his fault, let’s be honest). His fraudulent career has put Pearson Specter Litt in jeopardy, and his relationships with Harvey, Donna, Jessica and Rachel are all at risk. The following is the synopsis for Suits Season 6 episode 1, “To Trouble”:

Mike is behind bars in 'Suits' Season 6. Photo: USA

“After signing a plea deal to spare his colleagues at Pearson Specter Litt, Mike is confronted with the harsh realities of prison life. Meanwhile, the once bustling Pearson Specter Litt offices feel like a ghost town. The firm will have to deal with the fallout from Mike's crime before they can begin to rebuild.”

Pearson Specter Litt is being sued for every case Mike has ever touched with no lawyers to help, and no clients left mailing checks.  The first episode begins in the firm office where Harvey is feeling super guilty for hiring Mike in the first place. As usual, it will be up to Harvey to solve this mess. “They are going to figure out how to get back on top,” Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey, said confidently in the teaser below.

Meanwhile, Mike’s top priority is not getting the crap beat out of him in prison. “There’s some serious threats. People in prison have a history with Harvey Specter and see an opportunity to get back at him through me,” Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike, told Hollywood Life.

It looks like Mike and Harvey may find a foil in new cast member Counselor Julius Rowe (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), who (if the following teaser is any indication) isn’t going to be easily fooled by their shennanigans. 

So now that you know what to expect, here’s how you can watch Suits Season 6 episode 1 online.

Sling TV:

Register now and get 7 days free. After the trial period, there is a plan called Sling Blue that gives you 40 channels (including USA) for $25 dollars a month. Sling TV is not an on-demand service, so you’ll get to watch the episode live on whatever device you want -- TV, computer, tablet or smartphone -- just like you would if you have cable. The service is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Xbox One.

With a cable subscription that includes USA network:

Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, Comcast and other cable providers all have their own streaming platform -- either on their website or a special app. Chances are your provider even allows you to stream live, but you’ll want to double-check ahead of time. If not, you can always watch via your provider the next day on-demand.

Watch USA live on your laptop by simply going to and logging in with your cable subcription. Also download the USA Now app on your tablet to watch on-demand the following day.

Amazon Prime, Hulu

There’s an open slot on for Suits Season 6 on Amazon Prime, which means each episode may become available the day after it airs. Pay a monthly price of $10.99 or a yearly subscription fee of $99. The same goes for Hulu. Subscribe for $8 a month. The only downside is that you can’t watch it live as it airs. If that’s a deal breaker, Sling TV is your best bet. 

Suits airs on USA at 9 p.m.

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