UPDATED Clash Royale Chest Order Hack: Cheat Sheet Shows Magical And Giant Chest Drop Cycle

UPDATED Clash Royale Chest order Hack: Cheat Sheet Reveals Super Magical Giant Chest Drop Cycle how to get tips tricks
Looking for an updated Clash Royale chest drop cycle list? We’ve got the new drop order hack sheet here, along with instructions for how to read it. Supercell

Looking for an updated Clash Royale chest drop cycle list? We’ve got the new drop order hack sheet here, along with instructions for how to read it. 


Supercell’s May 3 Clash Royale update brought tons of changes to the game, including more chances to get Magical, Giant and Super Magical chests in your drop cycle (Giant and Magical now fall four times, instead of three, in a drop cycle, Super Magical still fall randomly). For those who like to keep track of their chest drops though, this completely screwed up the old chest drop cycle cheat sheet. Thankfully, the good people of Reddit were pretty quick about hacking the game again to find the latest chest drop order for us. Below we’ve featured a small screenshot of the first 25 chest drops, but you can check out the full list in the Redditor’s post, here. If you aren’t sure how to use the Chest Order cheat list, check out our explanation below.


How To Use Chest Order Hack Cheat Sheet: Find Out When Your Next Gold, Magical Or Giant Chest Will Drop

UPDATED Clash Royale Chest Order Drop Cycle Hack: Cheat Sheet Reveals Super Magical And Giant Chest tips tricks
Redditors have cracked the code on Clash Royale's updated chest drop cycle. Photo: Imgur

Each Player Starts At A Different Place In The Chest Order Cycle So Pay Attention To Magical Chests      ok, so this is the key thing you have to know about the   Clash Royale chest order: it is based on an algorithm, but   every player starts at a random location   in the chest order cycle. So, for example, if my game starts at chest number 9, then the third chest I open will be a magical chest (the first magical chest on the list is chest 11).  The fact that everyone starts in a different place in the cycle makes it more difficult to use the list so the best strategy is to record every chest type you open in an ordered list. When you reach a magical or giant chest (whichever comes first) then really start paying attention to the order after that. You should see a pattern develop that follows the algorithm and you can follow that the rest of your game. If you come to the end of the chest cycle, just start again at the top.

Chest Order Is Listed By Number Of Chests Dropped   -    While initially we thought chest order was listed by battles won, it's actually listed by how many chests you've had drop. Going into Arena One, you automatically get one silver chest, which is Chest "0," but all others won in battles are then numbered as you get them in your chest drop slots. 

Full Chest Slots Don't Alter Order   sometimes you may want to battle for fun but you don't have any open slots for chests to drop into. That's ok! Your number of wins doesn’t affect the chest order. It basically stops until you have an open slot to drop one into.


If you are ready to start tracking your chest order, the complete cycle can be found, here. 

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