UFO Sightings 2015: New York Footage Captures "Fiery Triangle" Craft Right Where Venus Should Have Been, WHAT HAPPENED TO VENUS?! WHO STOLE VENUS?!

Does the cover to Whitley Streiber's COMMUNION reveal the culprit behind the UFO theft of Venus? Avon

A New York man captured footage of a mysterious craft which he described alternately as a “flaming ball,” “fiery triangle,” “molecule,” “death star,” “jellyfish” and “popover”(?). But what’s more disconcerting than this shocking 2015 UFO sighting footage is the world-shattering power of this suspected alien craft. The UFO appeared at the exact time and in the exact space Venus is supposed to appear in the pre-dawn sky. So what did this monstrous thing do to Venus? WHO STOLE VENUS?

UFO Sightings 2015: Startling New York Footage of Venus Destroyer, Is Earth Next?

Tony Shea, who took the footage on Sept. 12, described the conditions of his harrowing encounter with this galactic UFO threat:

I got up this morning at about 2 a.m., awoken by a strange dream. Somewhere around 5 a.m. I noticed that there was a strange round object in the sky. I thought at first it was the reflection of my computer off the window. But then something else strange happened, I felt an odd presence watching me somehow, like a beam coming through the window, and then I grabbed a camera and started recording. And this is what I saw looking northeast.”

The 2015 UFO sighting quickly leapt to the top of the UFO subreddit, where government disinfo shills tried turning UFO enthusiasts off the scent by angrily insisting that the UFO sighted in the sky exactly where Venus should be wasn’t a Venus-snatching UFO at all.

Luckily, honest truth seekers across the Internet are exercising scientific skepticism and careful consideration of all the facts in this latest UFO sighting.

Scott C. Waring, of UFO Sightings Daily, says "The fact that he felt a presence as if someone was watching him is a fact that is sometimes reported by eyewitnesses. This is a living entity that is observing the people below. What a remarkable sighting."

For people interested in having their own UFO sighting, turn a wary eye to the East just before sunrise. If this insidious extraterrestrial specter continues to haunt this planet we will need as much data as possible. If we are to survive this latest UFO threat we must be vigilant. Otherwise we might end up as dead as all those poor Venusians.

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