UFO News 2015: President Obama Says Roswell, Alien Secrets Are “Disappointing,” Dodges JFK Assassination

President Obama continued to deny secret government knowledge of UFOs. Reuters

Bill Simmons interviewed President Barack Obama for GQ and asked him “Have you ever said ‘Give me the JFK assassination files, I want to read them. Give me all the secret stuff’?” The way President Obama answered is sure to disappoint UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, who are still crossing their fingers for a presidential administration willing to disclose exactly what it is the United States government knows about potential alien visitors. But President Obama's answer will prove even more galling for those who believe in a conspiracy surrounding the assassination of JFK.

UFO News 2015: President Obama Would Rather Talk About Aliens Than The JFK Assassination

“ I gotta tell you, it’s a little disappointing. People always ask me about Roswell and the aliens and UFOs, and it turns out the stuff going on that’s top secret isn’t nearly as exciting as you expect. In this day and age, it’s not as top secret as you’d think,” President Obama told GQ.

This isn’t the first time President Obama has been asked about UFOs, possible alien visitors to Earth, the government’s role in the Roswell incident, or our military’s secret installation at Area 51. President Obama has had previous experience deflecting the question when similarly confronted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

President Obama and Aliens On Jimmy Kimmel

At first President Obama made a joke of Kimmel’s attempt to get the dirt on the government’s UFO position, telling Kimmel, “The aliens won’t let it happen… they exercise strict control over us.” But the real telling response comes moments later, when Obama firmly puts the probing to rest: “I can’t reveal anything.” It’s a response that suggests something exists to be revealed.

That same sense of possibility remains after President Obama’s latest answer to Simmons’ question. While President Obama seems honest in his appraisal of the UFO situation—it does seem likely that the government’s classified position doesn’t have much more evidence about UFOs than the public does—there remains in his answer the implicit suggestion that something to do with Roswell remains classified (military secrecy remains the most likely explanation).

If there’s anything sinister to be read in President Obama’s answer, it’s the deflection that ignores Simmons’ example—the JFK assassination files—for the much more fringe UFO and alien question. Does President Obama actually lump JFK assassination conspiracy theorizing in with the UFO question, or is this an intentional dodge, replacing an utterly plausible cover-up with an implausible one?

If there is anything about UFOs, aliens, or the JFK assassination that the government has continued to hide from us, then it now seems certain that disclosure won’t come during the administration of President Barack Obama.

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