Twitter Algorithm Change: Hilarious #RIPTwitter Memes Spread Following Proposed Timeline Shift

Twitter launches new stand-alone app called “Engage” that allows users to grow their audience by receiving information about their account’s engagement. Twitter

#ICYMI: Twitter is planning on implementing a new timeline that utilizes an algorithm. Now, “algorithm” sounds fancy and tech-y, so unfamiliar users may think this is a good thing. Well... it’s not! At least according to many dedicated Twitter users who appreciate the social networking site for its real-time, chronological content.

The new Twitter algorithm would shift the live-time tweets into a curated content placement, essentially making the service more similar to Facebook. This is kind of cool, but mostly unnecessary since the entire point of Twitter is to follow news and movements as they’re happening. Sure, it would be cool to catch up on what your friends and valued accounts are doing, but Twitter already has this! The “While You Were Away” feature updates you on your inner circle and favorite users’ tweets.

So yeah, Tweeters (or Twitterers? Bah humbug!) around the world are pretty pissed with CEO Jack Dorsey and his platform in light of these announced changes. One of Twitter’s innovations and most-used tools, the #hashtag, was deployed to make the guys in charge aware of just how unsettled the Twitterverse is. And so, #RIPTwitter was born, creating an equally damaging and hilarious wave of memes in its wake. Take a look at the best #RIPTwitter memes, below:



























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