'Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire' New 'Profit & Plunder' Chapter Arrives May 5

star wars the old republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic. (c) Bioware

In a press release, Bioware has announced a new story chapter for their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. The new chapter is titled Profit and Plunder and continues the “Knights of the Fallen Empire” storyline just off the heels of May the Fourth (get it?).

The Profit and Plunder chapter centers around players retrieving a particular item from the Eternal Empire, rather against the Empire’s wishes. Two colorful characters will join you in your quest. The plot is described as follows:

“ The newest chapter in Knights of the Fallen Empire gives the Outlander an opportunity to turn the tides against the Eternal Empire in a clandestine heist to plunder Arcann’s secret treasury. In a high-risk mission to recover the Eternal Empire’s vast riches, players will partner with the galaxy’s most infamous thieves: the suave Bounty Hunter, Gault Rennow, and the female Twi’lek pirate, Vette.”

There is a new gladiatorial Eternal Championship challenge as well. Those who defeat all ten bosses can convince Wookiee gladiator Companion Bowdaar to join their team in addition to all the other prizes one normally accrues in gladiatorial bouts.

Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can play through all chapters in “Knights of the Fallen Empire” up to the current Visions in the Dark chapter for free as a Subscriber. Those who subscribe by May 1 receive a special HK-55-themed Ship Droid Companion customization reward as well, via the Subscriber Rewards Program.

Are you following the “Knights of the Fallen Empire” episodic storyline in Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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