Snapchat Geofilter Update: New Live Score Sport Filters For NFL, NBA Games Appear In The App

Snapchat Geofilter Update: New Live Score Sport Filters For NFL, NBA Games Appear In The App how to use make
Snapchat's latest update added Live Score filters for NBA and NFL games which overlay the game score and time left on photos and videos Twitter


Snapchat always has something hiding up its sleeve when new updates release and its latest sports related geofilters are no exception.

According to TechCrunch , at the end of January Snapchat silently rolled out a set of Live Score geofilters in partnership with . The new Live Score geofilters do exactly what you’d expect. They allow Snapchat users to overlay live game score graphics on photos or videos taken at NFL or NBA game locations . The graphics also include information about how much time is left in the game. There’s been no word yet if NHL, MLB or other popular sporting events will be added to the Live Score geofilter list.

The new Snapchat Live Score geofilters are just another way the platform is reaching out to engage its user base with something fun and authentic. Meanwhile, the Live Score filters serve as a great tool digital media providers can use to bring authentic and relevant content to their audiences. Plus, with Snapchat’s knack for gamifying things via those elusive trophies and friend emojis , we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Trophy Box emoji surface as a reward for those who manage to use a Live Score filter.

Snapchat Geofilter Update: New Live Score Sport Filters For NFL, NBA Games
Geofilters have long been a way Snpachat engages users where they are by offering a fun and authentic way to showcase your location. Live Score geofilters make a great addition to the feature. Photo: Twitter

During the first week Live Score filters became available, shots taken incorporating the filter have amassed 20 million views across 51 sporting events, TechCrunch reports. While Twitter may hold the crown for the best place to talk during live sporting events , Snapchat is obviously looking to get a bite of the action by honing in on the intimate nature of the platform. Unlike Twitter where an overzealous number of posts on a topic are frowned upon, often resulting in lost followers, people who decide to tap on your Snapchat posts want to be engaged in what you are offering, so excessive snappage is acceptable. Snapchat’s Live Score filters will be available to those lucky enough to have a spot on the bleachers at Super Bowl 50 this year, so if you’re one of them be sure to give Live Score filters a try.

But the Live Score feature isn’t the only sports-related offering Snapchat has been working on.  Ahead of Super Bowl 50, the social media platform finally secured some of the coveted Super Bowl sponsorships it was denied in 2015, including Pepsi, Amazon, Marriott and Budweiser. These sponsors will run video ads in Snapchat’s Live Story of the event on game day. The NFL has already been actively running content on the platform throughout the football season that includes informal and behind-the-scenes coverage you just don’t find on other platforms. Combine these tidbits with the millions of shots and videos taken from different perspectives by users experiencing the same moment across the platform and you have some of the most raw and comprehensive live coverage of the event you could want. It’s no wonder Snapchat has 100 million daily users and growing.

Super Bowl 50 is scheduled to begin Sunday, Feb. 7 with kickoff at 6:30 ET. The event matches up the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Snapchat Live Story coverage of the game will be available that day by logging into the app, tapping on the three bars in the lower right-hand corner of the camera screen to go to Stories. Then, tap on the Super Bowl 50 coverage under the “Live” heading.

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