Sims 4 Cheats Codes: Complete List of Mods Including Aspirations, Death, Relationships, Careers And More

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sims 4 cheats cheat codes complete list pc death money relationships aspiration
Sims 4 cheat codes are here! Check out our comprehensive list of official and unofficial developer cheats to modify your money, relationships, aspiration, career and more. Sims 4

The fact that The Sims  - particularly Sims 4 - is one game that still allows cheat codes to be used freely is a delight to fans of the simulation game.

We’ve searched the internet in hopes of bringing to you the most comprehensive list of Sims 4 cheats available. Cheats include everything from how to get more money, remove death, improve or change relationships, careers, aspirations and plenty of other options. We’ve divided the list in to Sims 4 cheats that have been tested and verified as working, and those that are untested, or may not work properly. Enjoy!

How To Use Sims 4 Cheats

In order to use Sims 4 cheats, you’ll need to navigate to the cheats console. This is done by hitting  Ctrl+Shift+C on a Windows PC or Cmd+Shift+C on a Mac.

Once the cheat console is open, you need to enable cheats by typing and entering this code: testingcheats true

And then enter this code: AutomationTestingCheats true

Once you’ve entered those codes, using cheats is now possible. Simply type in the cheat code of your choice into the console and hit Enter. Codes must be entered one at a time for them to work.

When you see a Sims 4 cheat code on our list with brackets in it, you don’t need to type these. We’ve just placed them in the code to show you where there is specific information you need to enter.

For example: death.toggle [true/false]

If you want to turn death off, you would enter this into the Sims 4 cheats console:  death.toggle false

That’s it! Now, on to the cheats!

Complete List of Official Sims 4 Cheats

Edits the relationship or romance between two sims

modifyrelationship (your sim full name) (target sim full name) (-100 to 100) Friendship/Romance_Main

ASet an exact amount for household funds


Get 50,000 Simoleons


Household consumables infinite supply

objects.consumables_infinite_toggle [true|false]

Exit the game


Reset the named Sim

resetSim [FirstName] [LastName]

Edit in Create-A-Sim


Reset your Sim's mood to neutral


Spawn a Sim and add them to your household


Spawns a Sim and doesn't add them to your household


Change or add Skills level:

stats.set_skill_level  [enter one of the codes below]

























Shift-click on Sim

Reset Object

Resets the selected Sim

Add to Family

Adds the selected Sim to the current household

Cheat Motive, Make Happy

Fills all bars and gives selected Sim a happy mood

Cheat Motive, Enable Motive Decay

Motives behave normally

Cheat Motive, Disable Motive Decay

Motives freeze

Modify in CAS

Edit selected Sim in Create-a-Sim, except for his or her name and inherited traits

Shift-click on object

Reset Object

Resets the object

Make Dirty

The object will become dirty

Make Clean

The object will become clean

Shift-click on ground

Teleport Sim

Teleports a Sim to the selected point

Unofficial Sims 4 Cheats Codes (Use At Your Own Risk)

In addition to the Sims 4 cheats listed above, there are other cheats available, which were found and compiled by TwistedMexi. These cheats are unofficial because they were meant for developer's use only and were not meant to be accessible by players, but according TwistedMexi, most should work well – just use them at your own risk. If the list is updated or changed you can find those changes on the Sims 4 Cheat reddit wiki, here

Get Sim ID

**Some cheats require the Sim ID instead of your sims First and Last name. Use this command to get it.

sims.get_sim_id_by_name [yoursimfirstname] [yoursimlastname]

Money Cheats

Set Household fund to exact amount

money [enter amount here]

Add or subtract amount from Household funds

sims.modify_funds [amount]

Promote Career

Careers.promote [NameOfCareer]


careers.promote secretagent

Demote Career

Careers.demote [NameOfCareer]

Add Career

Careers.add_career [NameOfCareer]

Remove Career

Careers.remove_career [NameOfCareer]

Raise a Child's Grade Performance

Careers.promote Gradeschool  Careers.promote Highschool

Aspiration Cheats

Complete Aspiration's Current Milestone and get Points


Add 100 Aspiration Points Note: You have to run the remove_buff command in order to use the cheat again.

sims.add_buff Points sims.remove_buff Points

Get Infinite Potions using the Infinite Consumables Cheat Note: Run this command first, then buy a potion. Place it in the world and the sim will drink it indefinitely until you cancel the action. They'll sit the potion back down to use again later. This works on all consumables but food will still spoil.


Cheats for Needs

Fill Specific Need

fillmotive [motiveType]


fillmotive motive_hunger

Add Emotions and other Buffs to Sim

Sims.add_buff [buffType]

Remove a Specific Buff

Sims.remove_buff [buffType]

Reset Sim to Fine (Removes all buffs)



Skip Introduction Menu for Strangers Note:Not reversible once applied.


Spawn a Friend for Me Note:Spawns a sim on your lot with a 50% friendship status with your active sim.


Makes Acquantances with ALL sims Note: Includes recently deceased sims. Takes a few seconds to complete.


NOTE: The following relationship commands require sim ID's. See the Sim ID section above to get these.

Completely Destroy a Relationship

relationship.destroy yoursimID targetsimID

Trait Cheats

Add Trait to Sim

traits.equip_trait [traitnameNoSpaces]

Example: traits.equip_trait SteelBladder

See Trait List for values

Sims, Age, and Behavior

Set Sim Age to Adult Note: Exercise caution with this.


Make Sim Behave As Maid Adding this buff will make your sim behave normally, but when there's something to clean up they'll immediately do it on their own.

Turn Maid Behavior on

sims.add_buff NPC_Maid

Turn Maid Behavior off

sims.remove_buff NPC_Maid

SOAK: Handyman, Maid, and Parties

Note: The developers used these cheats to stress-test the system. Because that was the focus of these commands, the handymen and maids are just randomly generated sims. They behave as expected - they'll chat for a few hours, fixing/cleaning anything that needs it, then leave.

Enable Handyman


Call Handyman


Enable Maid


Call Maid


Enable Party


Call Party


Help Your Sim Over The Edge (Influence Death)

You can't immediately kill your sim, but adding these following buffs might help:

Death by Repair Add this buff then have your sim try fixing items around the house.

sims.add_buff buff_Death_Electrocution_Warning

Death by Exhaustion Add this buff and your sim might die immediately. If not, try working out. This doesn't always work as the workout options will gray out.

sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning


Have even more Sim 4 cheats to share? Post them in the comments below. 


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