Ryan Gosling SNL Skit: What Did UFO Hunters Think Of Saturday Night Live's Alien Abduction Sketch?

Ryan Gosling and the SNL cast have been abducted by alien UFOs. Saturday Night Live

Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live and giggled a lot. The consensus seems to be that the UFO abduction skit featuring Gosling and SNL cast members Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan, and Aidy Bryant was the highlight of the most recent episode of SNL. But while the focus has been on Ryan Gosling’s giggles, the better question is what the alien abductors think of all this tomfoolery. But since they’re not speaking up, the reactions from UFO hunters will have to do.

Above Top Secret, Infowars, and MUFON—two of the biggest conspiracy sites and one of the more legitimate faces of UFO research —declined to write about the Ryan Gosling SNL UFO abduction skit. But amateur UFO hunters on r/UFOs had a whole lot o’ opinions.

Ryan Gosling Giggles In SNL UFO Abduction Skit

Or Sketch Or Whatever You Call These Things

The top comment is “I couldn’t help it, it made me laugh,” neatly summarizing the simultaneous “they’re talking about us!” flattery and “they’re making fun of us!” discomfort. 

In what are most likely jokes, but could indeed be serious (Poe’s Law is endlessly exercised in conspiracy theory circles), two other UFO enthusiasts called the Ryan Gosling SNL skit “clearly part of the government’s plan to discredit abductees” and further evidence of Lorne Michaels secret career as a CIA agent.

“As much as I want to shit on this the contrast between the abductee stories was pretty funny,” dannoomg said, neatly summarizing general sentiment on r/UFOs. 

But what’s really interesting is that UFO hunters claim to have tracked down some of the influences on the Ryan Gosling UFO abduction SNL sketch. UFO redditor no113 vociferously defended his or her theory that Kate McKinnon is intentionally portraying Dr. Karla Turner, “All the mannerisms, perspective, and what this lady in SNL says is exactly a caricaturization of Dr. Turner. I've seen enough of her lectures to get that there is a definite parallel between her and this lady.”

Here’s Dr. Karla Turner:

SNL UFO Abduction Skit Inspiration?

I don’t see it. But Ryan Gosling accidentally channeling this guy makes a whole lot more sense:

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