Is 'Rick And Morty' Anti-American, And Will Season 3 Undermine Our Country With Socialism?

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Summer and Rick beat the hell out of Satan in 'Rick and Morty,' because this show is actually pro-Christian, pro-capitalist and anti-anti-Marxist... or something. Adult Swim

Despite the President of the United States’ love for Rick Sanchez (“You can put your faith in nukes if we get through this general. Until then, I’ll put mine in Rick and Morty. ‘Get Schwifty’ was a jam,” President Keith David says), Rick and Morty has pissed off Amazon conservative grendel1013, who has declared the Adult Swim sci-fi show “anti-American.”

Perhaps his or her complaints will ring true to you (but probably not):

“After catching a few seconds here and there of the show I decided to check it out on Adult Swim and to possible do a little catch up.

The show started off great, then I started to notice something about the show’s message and that message is very anti-Capitalism, anti-Conservatism, pro-big government, anti-family, and anti-American.

Every show has the same Liberal message, big government good, Capitalism bad, Conservatism bad and to add insult to injury they try to rewrite historical moments to suit a left wing Socialist narrative.

The thought of them bashing Capitalism makes me laugh, and the reason why I laugh is due to the fact that the creators of this show are making a killing by utilizing the very freedom Capitalism provides, they created a product that people may want and they are making tons of money off of it. I am not bashing them for making money off of their product, I am bashing them for assaulting the very system that gives them the freedom to do so.

After I realized the fact that the writers of the show are desperately force feeding us Left Wing Marxist propaganda the show seemed very unimaginative, very weak, and created to entertain the useful idiots of society.

It’s very unfortunate, the artwork is great and the characters have so much potential to be great and in that I give it one star. I would not suggest this show on the basis that it is chock full of fascist, Marxist, Socialist propaganda.”

There’s not really much value in rebutting someone who has so thoroughly misread Rick and Morty. How the fundamentally anti-establishment Rick and Morty could possibly be interpreted as saying “big government good” is hard to imagine. That capitalism — an organizational system indifferent to its moral dimensions by design — could inspire such piddling, prickly, peevish deification says far more about grendel1013 than it does about Rick and Morty. But to my surprise, Rick and Morty co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have confessed.

Grendel1013’s liberal fascism panic was justified!

Or maybe… just maybe… Rick Sanchez deserves to be a new conservative icon:

Rick and Morty Season 3 will destroy the last vestiges of American society, bringing down capitalism once and for all, when it premieres later this year.

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