‘Rick and Morty’ Game ‘Pocket Mortys’: A Guide To The Many Ricks

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The new 'Rick and Morty' game, 'Pocket Mortys,' is out now. Adult Swim Games

Pocket Mortys, the new Rick and Morty game for Android and iOS is all about collecting and battling Mortys, like a simpler Pokémon… with more burping. But while Pocket Mortys features 82 multidimensional variations on Morty, I was surprised to find almost as much variety among the Ricks.

The plot of Pocket Mortys begins with a visit from Mysterious Rick:

Mysterious Rick is after your Morty, Rick. Photo: Adult Swim Games

It seems Mortys and Ricks are getting split up all across the multiverse. Ricks being Ricks, the potential to accrue a Morty army is tempting enough that an entire Pokémon trainer mentality emerges across dozens of dimensions. Believing themselves the arbiters of all things Rick, the Council of Ricks take control of the new Morty underground.

Rick Prime and Riq IV keeping the Council of Ricks' hair game tight. Photo: Adult Swim GAmes

Time to prove yourself the Rickest Rick (at least until C-137 Rick shows up).

While multidimensional duplicates have always been a big part of Rick and Morty, checking out transdimensional Ricks is more exciting than meeting yet another disposable Morty. Here’s some of the wubba-lubba-dub-dubbiest Ricks we’ve encountered in Pocket Mortys so far.

A Field Guide To 'Pocket Mortys' Many Ricks

Although Ricks tend toward perspicacity, not every Rick can be the most brilliant Rick. Super Fan Rick is a particularly sad example. What self-respecting Rick would worship Mortys?

This Rick sucks. This is what happens to poor, Morty-less bastards. Photo: Adult Swim Games

All sorts of other defective Ricks are on display, wandering about the Citadel of Ricks in Pocket Mortys.

There are the subservient Guard Ricks of the bureaucratic Rickocracy (last seen in Rick and Morty Season 1 episode “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”).

Afford no respect to robots. Photo: Adult Swim Games

The Surgeon Rick.

Rick drool must be sterile, right? Photo: Adult Swim Games

And every possible Rick hairstyle imaginable, including the sad sight of a bald Rick without his signature jagged hedgehog cut.

Rick looks good with a beard. Photo: Adult Swim Games
Bald Rick looks a little too much like that one punk-y Jerry. Photo: Adult Swim Games

In a society of Ricks, every rung on the social ladder, even the slacker and the hardened street tough, is necessarily a Rick.

If normal Rick fights dirty, imagine the violence Junkyard Rick is capable of. Photo: Adult Swim Games
Storage Rick in 'Pocket Mortys', complete with bonus "my phone's volume bar." Photo: Adult Swim Games

Many multidimensional Ricks embody weaknesses that Rickier Ricks would never succumb to.

Rick may get drunk and stutter, but mumbling isn't typically in his repertoire. Photo: Adult Swim Games
Is a novice Rick better or worse than an experienced Morty? Photo: Adult Swim Games
Always save your Blips and Chitz tokens. Photo: Adult Swim Games

But the rarest of all may be Happy Rick.

Is a Happy Rick still recognizably Rick? Photo: Adult Swim Games

Yes, you should’ve caught on to the Pokémon motif by now, but just in case, the first boss of Pocket Mortys is the Ash-like Bubble Gum Rick (As Michael notes in the comments, the bosses are random. I fought Flat-Top Rick on my second playthrough).

Rick: smart enough to blow bubble gum bubbles. Photo: Adult Swim Games

For all the fervor over pocket Mortys, I’ll always prefer a good ol’ multidimensional variant Rick. Pocket Mortys is available now for Android and iOS. It’s got some annoying micropayment elements, but is otherwise completely free.

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