Rick and Morty Game ‘Pocket Mortys’: Adult Swim Games Producer Sheds New Light On Pokémon Knockoff

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A still from 'Rick and Morty' game 'Pocket Mortys'. Adult Swim Games

Pocket Mortys , the first Rick and Morty game that lets you do more than endlessly pop balloons, will be out for Android and iOS on Jan. 14. The initial flurry of images from Rick and Morty co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon made it clear that Pocket Mortys will be a Pokémon knockoff, but few details were forthcoming. Now, thanks to Adult Swim Games producer Chris Johnston, we know quite a bit more about the new Rick and Morty game Pocket Mortys.

The new Rick and Morty game, Pocket Mortys, is looking like a full-blown RPG experience. You play as the One True Rick, in a quest to capture and train all of the Mortys. According to Eurogamer, the plot has something to do with the Council of Ricks.

Early previews suggest that the combat system is simplified quite a bit from current Pokémon iterations. Touch Arcade calls it “the old tried and true Rock, Paper, Scissors categories.”

Here are some of your other burning Pocket Mortys questions that Johnston addressed via Twitter.

Will This Be A Real ‘Rick and Morty’ Game Instead Of A Jerry Joke?

Big time.


Will ‘Pocket Mortys’ Have Microtransactions?

Yep! There is also an in-game currency, Schmeckles.



How many Pokémon … sorry…Mortys will there be?

82 different Mortys!


IGN premiered this poster, which lays out all the different Mortys we can expect from the new Rick and Morty game:

A guide to some of the many varieties of Pocket Morty. Photo: Adult Swim Games

Will Pocket Mortys Evolve?

A little unclear. The answer seems to be “No.”


There’s still a lot we don’t know about Pocket Mortys, but there’s certainly enough to get excited for Rick and Morty’s foray into the world of monster-collecting JRPGs.

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