'Rainbow Six' Siege Dust Line DLC Arrives May 11: Update Delivers Two Navy SEAL Operators, Middle East Map [VIDEO]

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Remember the Tom Clancy game you played before The Division? Ubisoft is slated to deliver a new DLC for Rainbow Six Siege on May 11 or May 9 for Season Pass holders.

The latest DLC is perhaps the "polar" opposite of Operation Black Ice, the last Siege DLC, as the Dust Line map takes us to the Middle East. The new Dust Line update also brings us two new operators: Blackbeard and Valkyrie of the Navy SEALs.

'Rainbow Six Siege' Dust Line DLC
The new 'Rainbow Six Siege' Dust Line DLC arrives May 11. Photo: Ubisoft

Via NeoGaf, Valkyrie is a defender operator and from a quick glance appears to feature unique equipment including deployable cameras, an SPAS-12 and Desert Eagle. Meanwhile, Blackbeard's loadout is a little more interesting: a transparent shield mounted to an assault rifle that protects the player from head to torso. Blackbeard's gun of choice are the SCAR-H as a primary and Desert Eagle secondary.

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