'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Alola Forms Are Ridiculous, Especially Exeggutor

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alola exeg
The culprit, Alola Exeggutor Nintendo

Monday morning we  saw a ton of new Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon . The Pokémon Company has really decided to go crazy with some of these designs, tell me Gumshoos doesn’t look like Donald Trump?  Alongside the new pocket monsters, we got a look at some old Pokémon looking a bit more Polynesian. It looks like if you catch certain Pokémon in Sun and Moon, they will appear as an “Alola” version.

The most ridiculous “Alola” version has to be for Exeggutor. Instead of his fat, pudgy self, the tree made from eggs turns into a palm tree. It makes sense that a palm tree would be on islands based off of Hawaii instead of a stubby, little bush. “Alola” Exeggutor is a grass and dragon type, which makes absolutely zero sense. What developer at the Pokémon Company looked at a palm tree and was like “this would definitely be able to make eggs with Charizard.”

The most ridiculous part of palm tree Exeggutor has to be his tail. Calling it a tail isn’t really fair though, it’s more of a butt. In the Japanese trailer, we get a much better look at this new form and its weird butt with a face. That’s the only way I can describe it without getting more graphic, though I’m sure the internet will take this guy and make some truly despicable Rule 34 “artwork.”

butt face
Look at those cheeks! Photo: Nintendo

Exeggutor was one of my favorite Pokémon in the original 151. He was a tree that came out of a bunch of eggs and I loved him for his ridiculousness. Now he’s a dragon palm tree with a face on his butt with Kylie Jenner lips. I understand it’s hard to be inventive after seven generations, but there’s no need to go overboard.

If you want to make Hawaiian versions of previous Pokémon that won’t freak people out, just slap a hula skirt on a Raticate and call it a day. Please, just leave Bellossom alone, she’s already Hawaiian.

Bonus: Here's 'Alola' Exeggutor on the cover of the second set of Japanese Pokémon cards. Nothing is original.

exector japan
This isn't anything new Photo: Imgur
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