‘Pocket Mortys’ Is Out Now, But It’s Not Rick and Morty From The Show

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A still from 'Rick and Morty' game 'Pocket Mortys'. Adult Swim Games

The second Rick and Morty game, Pocket Mortys, is out now for Android and iOS. Unlike the first Rick and Morty game, which consisted entirely of balloon popping, this is a feature-filled release. A knock-off of Pokémon , right down to the Pokédex (here called a “Morty Deck”), Pocket Mortys is loaded with nods to the famous JRPG series.


'Rick and Morty' Show Vs. 'Pocket Mortys' Game

But what it’s not loaded with is Ricks and Mortys as you’ve come to love them on Rick and Morty. As it turns out, the Rick and Morty of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty aren’t the main characters of Pocket Mortys at all.

Remember when Disney had to destroy the Star Wars Expanded Universe because it was clogged with continuity muck and they wanted to tell their own stories? Rick and Morty came up with an elegant solution early: offering up near-infinite dimensions with Ricks and Mortys.

The Rick and Morty of Rick and Morty come from Dimension C-137 (though they now live in a different dimension after transforming every Earthling in C-137 into Cronenbergs). They represent the central characters in the Rick and Morty continuity.

Take a look at this screenshot from Pocket Mortys:

My first Morty in 'Pocket Mortys' Photo: Adult Swim Games

This is your main Morty, Pocket Morty #001, and he’s from Dimension C-123.

With the Rick and Morty comic book following the Rick and Morty of C-132, this isn’t the first time stories have stepped away from mainline Rick and Morty continuity. Still, it presents some interesting story possibilities for Pocket Mortys. Will we get the opportunity to capture the Morty Prime of C-137? You’ll have to play Pocket Mortys to find out.



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