New Fallout Shelter Update: Get Pets, Evict Slackers, Meet New Objectives And More In Bethesda’s Latest iOS And Android Game Update

fallout pets New Fallout Shelter game Update 1.3 : Get Pets, Evict Slackers, Meet New Objectives Bethesda’s Latest Update iOS Android
Fallout Shelter Update 1.3 has just released and includes tons of new features like pets, evicting slacker dwellers and more. Check the details out here. Bethesda

Bethesda has just announced Fallout Shelter's latest 1.3 version update for the popular iOS and Android survival game!

allout pets New Fallout Shelter game Update 1.3 : Get Pets, Evict Slackers, Meet New Objectives Bethesda’s Latest Update iOS Android dogmeat
Dogmeat and other new pets have been added to Fallout Shelter's latest 1.3 update Photo: Bethesda

While snow and Christmas lights are making their appearance, so are a number of new features and amenities. While we haven’t played with the new updates yet, Bethesda has offered us some insights as to what is new and changed in the latest Fallout Shelter Update. Check out the details below and then get to downloading!

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Fallout Shelter Update 1.3 New Features

allout pets New Fallout Shelter game Update 1.3 : Get Pets, Evict Slackers, Meet New Objectives Bethesda’s Latest Update iOS Android
Pets increase happiness and productivity in the vault Photo: Bethesda

Dwellers can now own pets – It seems the Overseer knows for some of us, life just isn’t complete without our furry pet friends and so the latest update has included the addition of dogs and cats! While we aren’t sure how much they improve conditions inside the vault, according to Bethesda, the furry friends do increase happiness and productivity inside the vault. The dogs and cats can be purchased in the store for $.99 each or 5 for $2.99. There’s no information about if the animals take a toll on your food supply. Nor is there any way to know if animals can be gotten as lunchbox prizes. Once we figure it out, we’ll let you know.

Lazy Dwellers Can Be Evicted – Now this is an interesting twist. Apparently overseers can permanently evict dwellers who are lazy and not pulling their weight. While this option seems interesting, I’m curious how different the performance of dwellers now is. It might change the decision-making process when determining who’s SPECIALs to train and who to leave unenhanced.

Dwellers have new pick up lines and conversation material – One aspect of the game I’ve absolutely loved is the dialogue that goes on between dwellers working together or trying to get their mac on. The cheesy pickup lines and water cooler discussions provided me a ton of entertainment. But after playing the game a while, the novelty wears off a bit simply because we’ve heard all those lines before. Thankfully Bethesda understands the importance of details like this and has brought our dwellers new pick up lines and vault conversation topics. We’ll be sure to feature a few of those when we’ve discovered them ourselves.

“Sell all” option added to inventory – when you get towards the midway point in the game you’ll probably find a lot of time is spent selling off excess weapons and equipment which means a ton of tapping. Thankfully Bethesda notices the annoying nature of the mundane task and added a “sell all” option for quickly clearing out your excess supplies.

Dweller management improvements and new objectives – ok, we have no idea what dweller management improvements means, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the Pipboy. Guess we’ll find out soon. In addition, new objectives always help to keep things fresh.

Besides these updates, Bethesda also vaguely references some additional Vault-Tec certified “improvements and optimizations” that we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for.

Have you started playing with the latest Fallout Shelter 1.3 update? Share with us your thoughts and findings regarding the new update in the comments below.



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