Marvel Avengers Alliance Update: Kamala Khan Coming This Week And Elsa Bloodstone Confirmed As Upcoming Hero


Agents of Marvel and Playdom’s Avengers Alliance game have had their fill of updates from the popular Facebook game. With the A-Bomb PVP Season finished and the Halloween update featuring Baron Mordo and Spitfire still in midst -- not to mention Misty Knight’s PVP Season -- what else can Playdom give players?

Well, it was leaked and later confirmed by the Avengers Alliance team that Kamala Khan and Lockjaw will be the next characters to recruit. She will be a general recruitment character but with no timetable for her debut in Avengers Alliance, players are left to wonder...until now.

We asked Avengers Alliance producer, Tony Sherrill about the latest Inhuman to come to the game and about a bunch of other updates coming down the pipeline.

And you’ll be happy to find out what Sherrill had to say.

iDigitalTimes:  Kamala Khan has quickly become one of the most popular new characters in Marvel since her debut. Why is now the time to include her in Avengers Alliance?

Tony Sherrill: She’s a fun character that we couldn’t wait to add to MAA. We would’ve released her sooner if it were possible. Our designers and artists did a great job of capturing her bendiness. We aim to have her available to recruit later this week.

iDT:  Kamala Khan and Lockjaw were revealed to be general recruitment characters. Can you clarify if they are one hero like Chase Stein and Old Lace or two separate? And if they are one how do they work together?

TS: They are one character. So, as everyone knows, Medusa sent Lockjaw to keep an eye on Kamala, as she wasn’t really aware of being an Inhuman. To help represent this relationship in game, we have Kamala summoning in Lockjaw for support during combat. Lockjaw will teleport in, bark, buffing Kamala’s allies and debuffing her enemies, then teleport out.

iDT: Both characters are Inhumans, will they be getting an Inhumans group bonus like the others currently in the game?

TS: Yes, she’ll get the “More Human Than Human” group bonus, that’s shared with Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa, Quake and Thane. She’ll also be getting a bonus for bringing her and Captain Marvel into combat together, called Marvelous Protégé.

iDT:   There has been some great feedback regarding the new Daredevil alternate costume. Will we see more Netflix/Marvel heroes coming to Avengers Alliance, like Jessica Jones?

TS: The Daredevil alt that we released was based off The Man Without Fear comics, which were written by Frank Miller, hence the white tennis shoes. Jessica Jones as a general release hero would be awesome. The most recent Jessica Jones trailer with Purple Man is really cool. I’ll definitely be checking that out when it releases later this month.

iDT: Can you give a hint as what players can expect when Chapter 10 comes around? The next Worthy, perhaps?

TS: We’re actually generating new maps for Chapter 10 - Madripoor. The new maps will include new combat backgrounds, including Incursion variations. You can definitely count on there being all new Heroic Battles, new Empowered & Augmented Iso-8, and a killer worthy alt uniform for some unlucky hero.

iDT:   We are currently in the middle of the Misty Knight PVP Season. Is there a schedule set for the upcoming updates?

TS: We tend to stay true to shipping at least one Spec Op and one PvP each month and a Chapter whenever it’s ready. So, we’ll probably end up shipping another Spec Op this month. That and Kamala Khan. Oh, and Elsa Bloodstone.


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