‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Casts Casper Crump As Main Villain, Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage
Casper Crump has been cast as the villainous Vandal Savage for 'Legends of Tomorrow' DC Entertainment

The Legends of Tomorrow show that encompasses heroes and villains from the Arrow and The Flash universe will premiere in early 2016 and while fans know the threat that will take a group of superpowered beings to take down is Vandal Savage, there has been no news as to who will be playing this big baddie.

That all changes as Casper Crump has reportedly been cast as Vandal Savage for Legends of Tomorrow.

Crump’s credits include the original Danish version of The Killing, known as Forbrydelsen, and will next be seen in David Yates’ Tarzan adaptation alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie.

Vandal Savage, who the Danish-born actor will be portraying, is described as being immortal, having spent the past 6,000 years moving like a virulent disease through history, whispering in the ears of despots and dictators, all leading to his eventual domination of the world.

And it was clear from the get-go that the villain of Legends of Tomorrow had to be a huge threat from the DC Comics universe. Legends of Tomorrow producer, Greg Berlanti told Variety that the spinoff’s villain would be a “big character who hasn’t been used yet” on any of the CW’s superhero shows, and that their priority was on “making sure that the villain we have on that show is distinct” after utilizing some of DC Comics’ most memorable bad guys for Arrow and The Flash.

The news of Vandal Savage’s casting comes off the heels of Hawkman’s casting . Falk Hentschel was cast as Carter Hall in the Legends of Tomorrow spinoff. Fans of the character know that he will be tied to Hawkgirl on the show -- played by Ciara Renee -- and it will be an interesting dynamic once the show starts up.

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