An iOS 9.2, 9.3 Jailbreak May Have New Players Interested, Say Insiders

An iOS 9.2 Or 9.3 Jailbreak release date May Have New Players Interested, Say Insiders
An iOS 9.2.1 or 9.3 jailbreak release looks bleak but insiders say there may be new players involved. iDigitalTimes

It’s been 114 days since the last iOS 9 - 9.0.2 jailbreak by Pangu released and jailbreakers are starting to wonder if there is any hope remaining for an iOS 9.2 or 9.3 jailbreak release or if they should set their sights on iOS 10.

Thus far, the possibility of further iOS 9 jailbreak releases has seemed pretty slim. We’ve seen evidence that an iOS 9.2 on 9.2.1 jailbreak is possible, but the creator has made it clear he won’t be releasing it. Meanwhile, teams like Pangu and TaiG have been incredibly silent on the subject.

In December, there were mixed messages sent by 3K Assistant, partners to the TaiG team. Initially, 3K posted a statement indicating that an iOS 9.2 jailbreak had been achieved by TaiG and would be arriving soon. But soon after the message was posted, it was removed and a new message appeared stating that TaiG had been “working hard” on the jailbreak but it had not yet been achieved.

Soon after the edited message from 3K appeared, I reached out to the TaiG team and it confirmed it was working on the jailbreak but hadn’t made any progress worth reporting. I have attempted to follow up with the team but it has declined to offer any further details. This doesn't mean they aren't working, of course, but it does leave us in the dark about their progress.

When asking sources close to the Pangu team if they were still researching an iOS 9.2 > jailbreak, they reported that another release from Pangu seemed “highly unlikely.” The team also recently urged users to upgrade their devices to the latest iOS 9.2.1 firmware due to the severity of bugs in earlier firmware.

“It is noteworthy that [these vulnerabilities} can be triggered in the iOS sandbox, so the app can directly attack the kernel … we recommend that users upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.”

While the length of time since the last jailbreak has nearly surpassed the long wait we had for the iPhone 5 (136 days), and lack of communicated progress from known teams makes the prospect of a new jailbreak seem bleak, there have been some small murmurs of positivity.

According to sources involved in recent jailbreaks, there is talk of new players on the jailbreak scene. I haven’t been given any specific details other than that there are new researchers exploring iOS jailbreaking. There has also been no indication of any progress made, or if a release will come before iOS 10. But news of new blood in the jailbreak community is always worth noting. As I learn more, I’ll be sure to provide any details In the past I have been able to bring you important updates from the evad3rs and TaiG as well as early knowledge about the hybrid team that released the most recent jailbreak. I look forward to offering you anything useful I might learn about upcoming jailbreaks and players.

Stay tuned and we’ll see what unfolds.

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