Every ‘Injustice 2’ Ability And How To Get Them

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Injustice 2 gives players more freedom in a fighting game than ever before with the new Gear System that allows for unique playstyles. However, not only does the look of your character change, but their stats do as well.

Characters can also get special augments that allow for more experience to be gained as well as other buffs. But the biggest part of the Gear System in Injustice 2 are the Ability Slots and what they allow players to do.

The fighting in 'Injustice 2' is top notch. Photo: NetherRealm

Players start with one Ability slot for each character (more slots unlock when the character reaches Level 5) and this can change how a hero or villain fights, either by switching out one superhero power for another or giving it an enhanced effect.

Abilities can be randomly dropped from Mother Boxes and characters who reach Level 10 unlock an Ability automatically. More powerful abilities take up both Ability slots.

The Injustice subreddit has begun to compile a list of Injustice 2 abilities and we have started to do so as well to corroborate and clarify some of the abilities and effects.

NOTE: This list is still being updated.


  • Power of Neptune - Aquaman throws his trident into the ground summoning the explosive Power of Neptune. Meter Burning launches the opponent (Adds Power of Neptune)
  • Call of Orm Marius - Aquaman’s trident becomes charged, causing all attacks to inflict increased block damage.
  • Orm Marius Charge - Can now meter burn Trident Toss for additional damage


  • Dex-Starr's Rage (unlocks at Level 10) - Dex-Starr appears with a quick charging attack when you use character power
  • Siphon Power - Drains opponent's super meter, replaces Life Drain
  • Blood Push - Powerful shot of pure rage that blasts opponents back. Meter burn to increase range and power. Replaces Napalm Vomit, requires both ability slots.
  • Caustic Pool - Vomits focused rage towards the ground. Meter burn to leave behind a caustic puddle that causes damage.


  • Air Top Rope (Unlocks Level 10) - Bane attempts to grab an opponent while airborne and drives them into the floor. Meter Burning will bounce the opponent.
  • Body Press - Command grab that slams opponent to the ground. Meter Burn converts into a back breaker. Replaces Bane Bomb.
  • Supercharge - Venom boost is supercharged but no longer adds armor to attacks. Withdrawal symptoms are reduced when Venom expires. Replaces Venom Boost.


  • Advanced Parry - Cape Counter and Cape Parry can now be meter burned.
  • Boomerang Bat - Meter Burn Up Batarang returns to strike opponent's back rather than exploding. Replaces Up Batarang's Meter Burn.
  • Evading Bat - Batman rolls backwards from a Wakeup and attacks with an evasive maneuver.
  • Taser-Rangs: Meter burning any Batarang causes them to explode in a burst of electricity, stunning opponents. Requires both ability slots, replaces all Exploding Batarang meter burns.
  • Cape Parry - Replaces Cape Counter with multi-hit Cape Parry (from first game)
  • Wayne Tech Bats - Bats summoned from character power immediately attack opponent instead of forming around Batman. Requires both ability slots.

Black Adam:

  • Rolling Thunder - Can perform Lightning Cage at different distances, and meter burned for follow up attacks. Replaces Lightning Cage.
  • Power of Aton - Fast, straight bolt of lightning. Meter burn for 3 hits. Replaces Low Lightning Bolt.

Black Canary:

  • Air Canary Cry (unlocks Level 10) - Can use Cnaary Cry while airborne. 
  • Clutch Crush - Command throw. Requires both ability slots.

Blue Beetle:

  • Crawling Burst - Launch a large, slow moving projectile using dual cannons. Meter burn increases size and damage. Replaces Energy Cannon and requires both ability slots.
  • Air Diving Mandible Strike - Mandible Strike can be performed while airborne.


  • Ion Beam - Calls down a blast from Brainiac’s ship. Meter burn allows the beam to travel either forwards or backwards

Captain Cold:

  • Air Cold Blast - Captain Cold can now fire his Ice Burst or Cold Blast straight ahead while airborne.
  • Air Ice Bridge - Create a small platform of ice while airborne that he can use to attack from.
  • Air Ice Out - Dash forward while airborne by emitting a constant stream of cold air towards the ground
  • Shoulder of Cold -


  • Low Whip (Unlocks at LV 10) - Catwoman strikes with her whip low, wrapping her opponent's legs and pulling them towards her. Meter Burning Low Whip adds addtional damage. Replaces Up Cat's Tail.
  • Air Cat Slash (Unlocks at LV 20) - Catwoman performs a diving attack while airborne, slashing through the opponent. Meter Burning allows for follow-up attacks. 
  • Chaotic Cat - Deliver a vicious attack for each Scratch that is active, up to 5 hits max. Replaces Cat-Lateral Damage, uses Character power button.
  • Cat Claws - Perform a series of quick claw attacks. Meter burn for follow-up attacks. Replaces Rising Claws.
  • Cat Call - Command a loyal cat to attack the opponent, allowing for follow-up attacks. Requires both ability slots


  • Spotted Torpedo - Cheetah dives toward her opponent with her claws out. Meter Burning Spotted Torpedo will do additional damage.
  • Savage Slam -


  • Air Cyber Charge - Adds air dash. Meter burn for air backdash.


  • Boom Tube Away - Create a Boom Tube to teleport away from the opponent.
  • Air Boom Tube Away - As above, but while airborne.
  • Maximum Omega - Upper Omega Beam can now be meter burned to allow full control over the Omega Beams. Requires both ability slots.


  • Low Wrist Shot (unlocks Level 10) - Deadly Assault is replaced with a quick low shot. Meter Burning fires a barrage of 3 bullets. Requires both Ability slots. 
  • Air Sniper - Low Rifle Shot now usable while airborne

Doctor Fate:

  • Dark Ankh - Ankh traps explode on contact, immediately imparting their damage or healing effects. Replaces Breath of Life and Nabu’s Curse.
  • Powerless - Prevents opponent from using super meter. Requires both ability slots.


  • Flame Phase - Firestorm phases into the ground and reappears behind his opponent. Meter Burning strikes the opponent as he appears.
  • Air Fusion Blast - Perform Fusion Blast while in the air. Meter burning fires a focused beam of energy.

The Flash:

  • Sonic Parry - Replaces Quantum Tunneling.
  • Lightning Charge - Flash charges his body with energy from the Speed Force and hurls himself towards his opponent as a living projectile. Meter Burning Lightning Charge will follow up with an additional attack. Replaces Lightning Punches. 

Gorilla Grodd:

  • Furious Flurry - Fist Flurry can now be chained into itself to deliver a barrage of endless punches.

Green Arrow:

  • Sky Bolt (unlocks at Level 10) - Fire an exploding arrow into the sky. Upon landing, the arrow explodes, damaging the opponent. Meter Burn fires two more arrows. Replaces Sky Alert.
  • Bola Arrow (unlocks at Level 20) - Green Arrow can Meter Burn any arrow from Fully Loaded to fire a Bola Arrow that stuns his opponent.
  • Evasive Shock - Meter burning Savage Blast replaces the second arrow with an electric arrow. Replaces Savage Blast Meter Burn.
  • Smoke Arrow - Fires a smoke arrow at his feet, disappearing and teleporting to the air behind the opponent.

Green Lantern:

  • Lantern’s Barrier (unlocks at Level 10) - Damage absorption shield, replaces Power Ring character power
  • Minigun - Constructs and fires the classic minigun. Meter burn fires additional shots/sweeps. Replaces Bowled Over.
  • Air Oa's Rocket - Fire rocket down at opponent while airborne. Replaces Air Battery Blast

Harley Quinn:

  • Confetti Cannon (unlocks at Level 10) - Cannon attack becomes stronger but has shorter range.
  • Tick-Tock - Toss a short range bundle of dynamite. Requires both ability slots.
  • All-Purpose Frosting - Enhances cupcakes; thrown cupcakes poison struck opponents and leave poison splats on the ground. Rolled cupcakes leave sticky frosting, preventing jumps and dashes. Modifies Cupcake Bomb and Cherry Bomb.
  • Ivy’s Blessing -


  • Side Order of Pie - Joker reaches back and grabs a sweet but deadly pie, and throws it at the opponent, triggering his supermove. Replaces Not So Funny Is It? Takes up both Ability slots.
  • Knife Parry - Joker can parry his opponent’s high and low attacks. Replaces Joy Buzzer.
  • Crowbar Fling - Fling a crowbar at the opponent’s head. Replaces Flying Gas.
  • Surprise! - Pull out a surprise gift and kick it across the ground at 3 different distances. Explodes after a short time, launching the opponent. Replaces Chattering Teeth.

Poison Ivy:

  • Flowing Earth - Ivy travels across the ground rapidly, striking opponents low. Meter Burn allows for follow up attacks.
  • Crawling Vines - Vine Drill does more damage and cannot be jumped, but does not track. Replaces Vine Drill.
  • Thistle Skin - Adds damage to attacks and does damage to attacking opponents.


  • Low Smart Birdarang - Smart Birdarang now hits low. Replaces Smart Birdarang.
  • Line in the Sand - Robin draws a line on the groudn with his sword. If opponent crosses it, they take damage and lose super meter. Deactivates if Robin crosses the line.
  • Elusive Swoop - Can now teleport at the end of Swoop when Meter Burned. Replaces Swoop Meter Burn.
  • Staff of Grayson - Replaces Deadly Arsenal.
  • Deadly Birdarang -



  • Air Heat Vision - Kryptonian Laser Heat Vision can be used while airborne.
  • Kryptonia Grinder - Throw that grinds the victim a great distance across the ground. Replaces Kryptonian Force Meter Burn.


  • Empowered Heat Zap - Heat Zap can now be meter burned to increase damage and size.
  • Meteor Drop - Superman flies into orbit, grabs a meteor, and smashes it into the head of the opponent, triggering Superman’s supermove. Makes supermove unblockable but does less damage. Replaces Final Flight Supermove, requires both ability slots.
  • Air Heat Zap - Heat Zap can now be performed while airborne.

Swamp Thing:

  • Wondrous Meadow - Swamp Thing spawn a larger initial patch of growth at the beginning of Abigail’s Garden.
  • Spine Blast - Launch a salvo of spines. Meter burn for 5 spines in rapid succession.
  • Bonsai -
  • Sinking Slough -

Wonder Woman:

  • Amalthea's Protection (unlocks Level 10) - Wonder Woman advances slowly forward, protecting herself with her shield and gaining Armor. Meter Burning Amalthea's Protection will allow Wonder Woman to take less damage while advancing. 
  • Hermes’ Blessing - Increase speed and allow air dashing. Requires both ability slots. Modifies character power.
  • Demeter’s Spirit - Reduces incoming damage. Requires both ability slots. Modifies character power.
  • Athena’s Power - Increases power of Shield based attacks. Requires both ability slots. Modifies character power.
  • Air Amazonian Slam -
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