'Final Fantasy XV' Moogle Chocobo Carnival Rewards List: Every Rare Item, Treasure, Ingredient & Crafting Material To Buy With Choco-Mog Medallions

'FFXV' Carnival Rewards List: Everything You Can Buy With Choco-Mog Medallions
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Final Fantasy XV ’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival has arrived, bringing with it all sorts of goodies for Final Fantasy fans and first-timers to collect. By taking part in the Carnival’s minigames, doing sidequests, exploring and helping out clueless NPCs, you can redeem Choco-Mog Medallions for some pretty stellar goodies.

There are three Prize Counters at various locations in Altissia, each of which has three vendors. Each of the three counters has the same selection. The vendor on the left sells Regalia stuff and Leisure items (for fishing), the middle merchant sells consumable items (like Elixir and Phoenix Down), and the vendor on the right has all the interesting stuff: rare items, crafting materials and ingredients to use for Elemancy, Cid’s sidequests in the main game and Iggy’s recipes.

noctis moogle boogie
Noctis at the Final Fantasy XV Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Photo: Square Enix

Below, we’ve listed the items you can get from each vendor. For rare items, materials and ingredients, we’ve detailed their various uses and sale prices (much credit is due to this thread on the FFXV subreddit, particularly on the topic of recipes). Most of the items you can buy with Choco-Mog Medallions can be acquired elsewhere in the game and should not be considered “missable." However, there are some fishing items and trophies that can only be obtained from fishing and chocobo racing during the Carnival.


-- Arena Balviano, near the entrance

-- Adjacent to Port Station gondola stop

-- Basically dead-center of the map, just north of the Square Enix Café


Here's what each of the vendors in all three of the above locations will have to offer you for your hard-earned Choco-Mog Medallions.

Left Vendor -- Regalia Items

-- Choco-Mog -- 30 Medallions

An adorable decal for the Regalia.

-- Prismatic, Gold and Silver Ore -- 4 Medallions each

-- Whitestone, Blackstone, Redstone, Bluestone, Greenstone and Yellowstone Crystal -- 3 Medallions each

-- Prismatic, Gold and Silver Shard - 3 Medallions each

-- Whitestone, Blackstone, Redstone, Bluestone, Greenstone and Yellowstone Ore -- 2 Medallions each

-- Prismatic, Gold and Silver Dust -- 2 Medallions each

-- Whitestone, Blackstone, Redstone, Bluestone, Greenstone and Yellowstone Shard -- 1 Medallion each

Left Vendor -- Fishing Items

-- Dragon’s Beard fishing line -- 3 Medallions each

-- Super Baleen fishing line -- 2 Medallions each

-- Spider Silk fishing line -- 1 Medallion each

-- Several Stormer fishing lures: Focalor, Purple Belly Focalor and Chert Focalor -- 1 Medallion each

Middle Vendor -- Consumables

-- Mega Phoenix -- 90 Medallions each

-- Megalixir -- 70 Medallions each

-- Lodging Voucher -- 50 Medallions each

Only valid during carnival. Grants access to the Leveille Suite and fireworks show. Necessary to complete the main quest of the event, ‘Interrupted By Fireworks.’ Turns into a VIP Pass after the fireworks show.

-- Phoenix Down -- 20 Medallions each

-- Hi-Elixir -- 10 Medallions each

-- Elixir -- 6 Medallions each

-- Mega-Potion -- 4 Medallions each


Rare Items and Ingredients at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival

Left Vendor -- Treasures

-- Sky Gemstone - 80 Medallions

This item is used to get the Circular Saw upgrade (‘A Better Circular Saw’ Sidequest) from Cid. It also creates Failcast spells. Sells for 2,500 Gil.

-- Spiked Armor - 60 Medallions

Give to Cid to upgrade the Absorb Shield (‘A Better Absorb Shield’ Sidequest). Can also be used to create Tricast spells. Sell it for 2,300 Gil.

-- Earth Gemstone - 40 Medallions

Give this to Cid to upgrade the Valiant (‘A Better Valiant’ Sidequest). Makes Quadcast spells. Valued at 1,500 Gil.

-- Coeurl Whiskers - 40 Medallions

Allows Cid to upgrade the Drain Lance (‘A Better Drain Lance II’ Sidequest). Makes Killcast spells. Sells for 1,500 Gil.

-- Magnetron - 40 Medallions

Give to Cid to upgrade your Noiseblaster (‘A Better Noiseblaster’ Sidequest). It also creates Quintcast spells. Worth 1,500 Gil.

-- Hydraulic Cylinder - 40 Medallions

Use for the Gravity Well upgrade from Cid (‘A Better Gravity Well’ Sidequest). Makes Quintcast spells. Sell for 1,600 Gil.

-- Monster Claw - 30 Medallions

Give to Cid to upgrade your Force Stealer (‘A Better Force Stealer’ Sidequest). Makes Killcast spells. Sell it for 1,500 Gil.

-- Mythril Shaft - 30 Medallions

This item creates Quadcast spells. Worth 900 Gil.

-- Dynamo - 30 Medallions

This item is used for the Bioblaster upgrade from Cid (‘A Better Bioblaster’ Sidequest). Sells for 900 Gil.

-- Rare Coin - 30 Medallions

Used to craft Expericast spells. Or sell for 1,000 Gil. (But don’t sell it! Use those Rare Coins to power level your party! Find out more here.)

-- Beetle Shell - 20 Medallions

Makes Quadcast spells. Valued at 800 Gil.

-- Shattered Timepiece - 10 Medallions

Can be used for Dualcast spells. Sells for 500 Gil.

-- Broken Harmonica - 10 Medallions

Use to make Stopcast spells. Worth 600 Gil.

-- Cactuar Needle - 5 Medallions

Makes Freecast spells. Sell it for a paltry 50 Gil.

-- Barbed Scythe - 5 Medallions

Sells for 240 Gil.


Left Vendor -- Cooking Ingredients

Below each ingredient you'll find a list of the recipes in which that particular ingredient can be used, along with the status buffs associated with each recipe. Remember, though, recipes often have more than one ingredient, and particularly powerful foods often use multiple rare ingredients. 

Zu Tender - 70 Medallions

Price: 4,800 Gil

-- Crispy Zu Skewers - HP +80, Critical Rate +20%

-- Roc of Ravatogh Rice - Strength +300, HP +1500


Griffon Breast - 50 Medallions

Price: 3,200 Gil

-- King's Stew - Strength +350, HP +1500


Kujata Arrow - 50 Medallions

Price: 2,700 Gil - Also makes Tricast spells

-- King's Stew - Strength +350, HP +1500

-- Marrowshroom Chowder - 100% Critical Rate

-- Gold Tail Soup - 100% Critical Rate, HP Recovery Rate x2.5


Midgardsormr Shank - 30 Medallions

Price: 2,400 Gil

-- Seasoned Midgardsormr -+2% damage per level for level difference between attacker and higher-level target, Strength +350, HP +1000


Malmashroom - 10 Medallions

Price: 1,000 Gil - Also use to make Killcast spells

-- Creamy Milk Risotto - HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.75, Prevents Toad

-- Three-Mushroom Kebabs - Strength +150, HP +800, Prevents most status ailments

-- Marrowshroom Chowder - 100% Critical Rate


Fine Cleigne Wheat - 10 Medallions

Price: 980 Gil - Creates Healcast spells

-- Crispy Zu Skewers - HP +80, Critical Rate +20%

-- Elegant Orange Cake - Vitality +250, Spirit+400, HP +1000

-- Hearty Cutlet on Rice - Strength +250, HP +1500

-- Lasagna al Forno - HP +4000, EXP +100%, Blocks Fire/Ice/Lightning

-- Memory Lane Cake - Magic +500 / Strength 0

-- Moist Tomato Cake - Vitality +200, Spirit +300, HP +1000

-- Taelpar Harvest Galette - Magic +120, Spirit +400, HP +1000

-- Tomalley-Filled Dumplings - Strength +100, Magic +200, HP +300


Allural Shallot - 8 Medallions

-- Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout - Strength +350, HP +2000, Fire Resistance +50

-- Gold Tail Soup - 100% Critical Rate, HP Recovery Rate x2.5

-- Green Soup Curry - Strength +160, HP +800, Fire Resistance +70

-- Royal Banquet Canape - Strength/Magic +75, EXP +50%


Tenebraen Oak - 7 Medallions

Price: 700 Gil

-- Oak-Smoked Devil Gar - HP +2000, Immunity to Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage

-- Sea Bass Saute - HP +1500, Prevents Toad, Ice Resistance +50


Kettier Ginger - 6 Medallions

Price: 800 Gil - Makes Quadcast spells

-- Blazing Braised Gizzard - Magic +300, HP Recovery Rate x1.5

-- Carp of the Diem - Strength +100, HP +1500, Immune to Poison

-- Devilfin Soup - Strength +200, HP Recovery Rate x2.25

-- Fire-Sauce Fillet - Strength +200, Magic +200, HP +600

-- Grilled Mighty Barramundi - Immune to Fire, Ice, Lightning damage, and to most status ailments

-- Longwythe's Peak - Strength +600, HP +4000, HP Recovery Rate x3

-- Royal Banquet Canape - Strength/Magic +75, EXP +50%

-- Thick ‘n' Juicy Steak - Infinite Stamina, HP +1000


Duscaen Orange - 5 Medallions

-- Taelpar Harvest Galette - Magic +120, Spirit +400, HP +1000

-- Elegant Orange Cake - Vitality +250, Spirit+400, HP +1000

Are there any items you think are a great deal, or way easier to get a hold of at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival? What goodies will you be stocking up on? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re still struggling to get a handle on what’s going on with the FFXV Moogle Chocobo Carnival, why not check out our beginner’s guide for some tips and an FAQ to get you started? Or maybe you want some solutions for the sidequests, like the Moogle Quiz and Brothers Kupomazov? Be sure to check out more of our Final Fantasy XV articles and guides while you’re here, too!

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