'Clash Royale' Sneak Peeks: New Clan Chests, Epic Card Donations, Jungle Arena And More Announced

'Clash Royale' Sneak Peeks: New Clan Chests, Epic Card Donations, Jungle Arena And More Announced

Supercell dropped another round of Sneak Peeks Wednesday including new clan chest and epic card donation details. Find out everything we know so far about the new jungle arena, cards, cheats and more.


Clash Royale updates will soon be rolling into the arena, and just to get everyone excited, the team at Supercell has been dropping their legendary Sneak Peeks leading up to the January 13 update. While on Thursday the game is set to see its month balance changes appear, January is staged to be an epic month with the introduction of a new Jungle arena, four new cards, a new clan chest reward and the addition of epic card request/donation capability. Below we’ve compiled all the known Sneak Peeks and update leaks released by Supercell so far, along with an overview of balance changes hitting the arena Thursday. As more details are revealed about the next Clash Royale update, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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Supercell dropped another round of Sneak Peeks Wednesday including new clan chest and epic card donation details. Find out everything we know so far about the new Jungle arena, cards, chests and more. Photo: Supercell


Clash Royale Sneak Peek #4 – New Clan Chests Announced

The next Clash Royale update will add a Clan Chest that clan member can work towards for a nice reward. Photo: Suprcell

As if all the Sneak Peeks announced so far weren’t exciting enough, this one has me really pumped as it offers an exciting new way to get clan member active and working together towards a goal. Earlier in the week, a Redditor leaked an image of a new kind of chest expected to come to the Arena, and early Wednesday, Supercell finally dropped details for the new chest – enter, the Clan Chest!

Here’s how Clan Chests works:

  • The Clan Chest is a chest your clan can earn for accumulating crowns on battles in the arena.
  • Crowns won during challenges or friendly battles do not count, but any crowns you earn in the regular arenas do.
  • The time for earning Clan Chest will be broken up by a schedule of seasons. A season will last for 14 days – 7 active and 7 dormant days.
  • In the first 7 days of a season, clan members should try to accumulate as many battle crowns as they can. Each crown one by a clan member goes towards the Clan Chest.
  • Clan chests are made up of 10 tiers, the lowest tier of rewards are unlocked if a clan earns a total of 100 crowns within the 7 day period.
  • At the end of the 7 days, all clan members who contributed at least one crown to the Clan Chest will receive the same prize as every other contributor. A full run down of the Clan chest tiers can be found below. Prizes range from 180 – 3150 gold pieces and 30 – 525 cards per clan member depending on what chest tier your clan reaches.
  • The last seven days of the season are a cool down period so that clans can rest.
  • Clan Chest tiers range from 100 – 550 crowns. If tier 10 is reached before the end of the seven days, the clan can open the chest immediately.
  • Clan members who leave a clan will lose all rights to any rewards even if they rejoin the clan until a new season begins. The same is true if you join a clan in the middle of a season. You will not receive rewards until the new season begins.
  • The cards you receive in your chest will depend on what Arena you are in when the chest is opened. For example, if you are in Arena 7, you will only receive cards from Arena 7 and below.
  • The Clan Chest becomes available December 19.
  • More details about the Clan Chests can be found in the YouTube video posted at the bottom of the article.

Each member who contributes crown to the Clan Chest will receive the same prize as every other member based on the chest tier. There are 10 tiers of prizes to strive for. Photo: YouTube

Clash Royale Sneak Peek #3 – Epic Card Sundays

Sunday's are getting more epic in the next Clash Royale update, with epic card donations and price cuts in the shop. Plus, more cards per epic chest purchased. Photo: Supercell

This Sneak Peek, along with number 4 both seem geared at getting clans active and working together, and personally, I’m over the moon about this upcoming change as well. In Sneak Peak #3, Supercell revealed that clan members will now have the ability to request and donate Epic cards on Sundays! Epic cards can be difficult to upgrade, particularly if you are a FTP player. Hopefully, with the Epic card requests/donations on Sundays, more players will strengthen their cards and reach higher arenas. Besides allowing Epic donations, Supercell has also decided to drop the price of Epic cards to just 1000 Gold in the shop, making Sundays even more epic.  Additionally, Epic chests are getting a boost, which will yield more cards per chest, and the number of cards scales with your arena.

Sneak Peak #2 – Four New Cards Added

In Sneak Peek #2, Supercell revealed four new cards coming to the Clash Royale Jungle arena starting January 13. Photo: Supercell

On Tuesday, Supercell announced four new cards that will release in the arena starting January 13, with a new card dropping every two weeks. The cards include one common, one epic and two rare and are as follows:

  • Dart Goblin – rare
  • Goblin Gang – common
  • Battle Ram – rare
  • Executioner – epic

A complete and detailed explanation of each of these cards can be found in our earlier Clash Royale Sneak Peek post, here.

Sneak Peak #1 – New Jungle Arena

On January 19, Clash Royale will get a new arena for players at 2600 trophies. Welcome to the Jungle, folks! Photo: Supercell

The first Sneak Peek Supercell brought us revealed that a new Jungle arena is coming to Clash Royale, January 13 and will fall between the Frozen and Legendary arenas. This arena is also where the four new cards will unlock. A detailed description of the Jungle arena can be found in our earlier Clash Royal Sneak Peek article, here.


Clash Royale December Balance Changes


On Thursday, Supercell will deploy its latest set of balance changes and it includes nothing but buffs for ten different cards, including the Bomber, Balloon and Giant Skeleton. A detailed overview of the changes can be found in our earlier balance changes post, here.




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