‘Clash Royale’ Sneak Peeks: New Cards Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, Battle Ram And Executioner For Jungle Arena Revealed

‘Clash Royale’ Sneak Peeks: 4 New Cards Revealed Including Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, Battle Ram And Executioner

Supercell has begun its Sneak Peeks at what’s ahead in the next Clash Royale update including new Dart Goblin and Goblin gang cards, chests, arenas and more. Find out every sneak peek and leaked feature revealed so far!


Just ahead of Thursday’s balance changes, Supercell has begun offering Sneak Peeks into what’s ahead for the January cycle of Clash Royale updates. So far we’ve been shown four new cards coming to playing field along with a brand new Jungle arena that wedges itself between the Frozen and Legendary arenas. There have also been some additional leaks on Reddit, which suggest that a new gold chest may be in store for players during the next update. Below we’ve compiled details on all the Sneak Peeks showcased so far, along with any other leaked or rumored features that have made their way to the surface. As Supercell continues to offer more Sneak Peeks, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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A leaked photo of a purported new chest for Clash Royale appeared on Reddit Monday. Photo: Reddit

UPDATE 12/14/16:

Sneak Peeks 3 and 4 have been released by Supercell and showcase some incredible clan benifits coming to the arena, including a new Clan Chest, Epic Card donations, and Shop discounts on Epic cards and Chests. Check out all the details of the new Sneak Peeks, here.


Clash Royale Sneak Peak 1: New “Jungle” Arena Arrives With January 13 Update

On January 19, Clash Royale will get a new arena for players at 2600 trophies. Welcome to the Jungle, folks! Photo: Supercell

On Monday afternoon, the Supercell team dropped the first Sneak Peek for the January Clash Royale update, which features a brand new Arena 9 – the Jungle arena. Wedged between the Frozen and Legendary arenas, this new arena is reached when players hit 2600 trophies. The Arena features lush greenery and is a bit darker than most arenas as we see jungle leaves framing the outer edge of the arena. The bridge is made of three wooden logs and a lily pad can be found floating through the water under the bridges at some point in the gameplay. The arena is a nice addition for players struggling to work there way from the Frozen to Legendary arena, which requires a pretty large jump in trophies. We at iDigitalTimes can’t wait to get started playing in this brand new arena. The Jungle arena will become available on January 13 during the next major Clash Royale update.

Clash Royale Sneak Peak 2: Four New Cards Introduced

In Sneak Peek #2, Supercell revealed four new cards coming to the Clash Royale Jungle arena starting January 13. Photo: Supercell

The second Sneak Peek, which was dropped by Supercell early Tuesday morning, showcases four upcoming cards – including one legendary, two rare and a common. Below are all the details on each of the cards and when they will be released.

Card #1 – Dart Goblin

New Clash Royale Card: Dart Goblin Photo: YouTube

The Dart Goblin is a rare card that will become available January 13 for players in the Jungle arena. According to Supercell, the final three cards will be released at two-week increments following the Dart Goblin.

The Dart Goblin is a three elixir card and is an air and ground attacker. According to his description, the Dart Goblin “runs fast, shoots far and chews gum.” His range is 6.5, which makes him better than the spear goblins but, but not quite as far shooting as the legendary princess. 

Card #2 – Goblin Gang

New Clash Royale Card: Goblin Gang Photo: YouTube

This is a card I’m excited about because it’s essentially a goblin value pack. For just three elixir, you get three spear goblins and three regular goblins with swords. This card will be a common troop and I fully expect to see it populating a lot of decks.

Card #3 – Battle Ram

New Clash Royale Card: Battle Ram Photo: YouTube

This is another card that seems like an amazing value for four elixir. This rare card comes with two barbarians lugging a massive log. The card targets buildings and when it makes an impact, it’s nothing to blink at. After the log as done its damage the two barbarians then set to getting in a few final jabs at the building with their swords.

Card #4 - Executioner

New Clash Royale Card: Executioner Photo: YouTube

This is an epic card that also becomes available when players hit the Jungle Arena. This card costs five elixir and does both air and ground damage. The executioner has a mighty axe that he throws like a boomerang, annihilating troops on the way out and back. Yikes! Definitely an interesting new card. I can’t wait to see how players use it in battle.

Sneak Peek #3 And #4 - Clan Chest And Epic Cards(Updated 12/14/16)

A leaked photo of a purported new chest for Clash Royale appeared on Reddit Monday. Photo: Reddit

On Wednesday, Supercell dropped more Sneak Peeks, including validation for an earlier rumor that a new chest was coming to the arena. To find out more about the Clan Chest and other details of Sneak Peek #3 and #4, see our latest post, here.

 In addition to a new arena and four new cards, there are rumors that a new chest could be coming to the arena in January. A purported leaked image of a new chest appeared on Reddit Monday evening that many players are dubbing the “Gold Chest.” What the chest contains or if it is just an updated image for a chest already available is at this time unclear, but it has plenty of folks guessing. Thus far, Supercell has made no mention of new chests, but it could be ahead in a future Sneak Peek. As soon as anything new is learned about the leaked chest image, we’ll be sure to update this post.



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