Clash Royale May Update To Bring Card Caps, More Legendary, Gem Refunds, Lower Store Pricing And More

clash royale update may changes decks cards caps balancing legendary store tournament rules gameplay
Supercell announced changes coming in its May update including new card level caps, better store pricing and gem refunds. Check out all the changes expected, here. Supercell

Want to know what changes Clash Royale May update will include? Check out our completely rundown, here.


Supercell just announced a ton of changes Clash Royale fans can expect in the upcoming May update of the game, including new balances, improved store pricing algorithm, easier to acquire legendary cards and more. With Clash Royale storming to the top of the March highest grossing games list in the Apple and Google Play app store and collecting some $80 million in profit from the game, its no wonder the company is continually looking for ways to make the game more fun and fair for all players, keeping them coming back for more. Below is a complete rundown of all the changes Supercell will bring to the May Clash Royale update.

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Changes Coming In Clash Royale May Update

clash royale update may changes decks cards caps balancing legendary store tournament rules gameplay jason puustinen winner
Jason Puustinen aka @Jason_Royale was the first place winner in Supercells 2016 Clash Royale tournament in Helsinki, Sweden. The new update is expected to make max level gameplay more similar to tournament gameplay. Photo: Twitter

Max Gameplay Will Reflect Tournament Gameplay – To better prepare players in the top tiers of the game for what playing in official tournaments is like, the company has decided to add various caps changes to cards which are as follows:

  • Common level cap: 13 (from 12)
  • Rare level cap: 11 (from 10)
  • Epic level cap: 8 (stays the same)
  • Legendary level cap: 5 (from 6)
  • King level cap: 13 (from 12)

Less Epic Cards Needed To Level Up – Supercell also plans to make it easier for players to move up from level 7 to 8 by requiring less epic cards. The amount is reduced to just 200 instead of 300.

Gem Refunds For Over Level Cards - if you’ve been playing a while and you already have legendary cards that are over the level 5 cap, the company will be giving gem refunds for each card that is over that cap. Pretty nice, huh?

Legendary Cards Available In Shop – To make Legendary cards slightly easier to obtain, Supercell plans to have them appear occasionally as a purchase option in the shop if you’ve reached the Legendary Arena.

Card Cost In Store To Decrease – though it’s not clear if this change will make it into the May update, Supercell has said it is working on changes to the gold cost for cards in the store. Currently, the cost of a card goes up exponentially (i.e. 40, 56, 78, 109) and they can get quite pricy after your purchase 2 or 3. The new algorithm will supposedly scale linearly (i.e. 20, 40, 60, 80) at a set rate so that purchasing multiples of the same card at once isn’t so costly.

The update is scheduled to arrive in the early part of May. Be sure to check back with us for more info on what the update will include as we’ll continue to keep an eye on any changes to the game.

What do you think about Supercell’s upcoming Clash Royale update? Are the balancing changes good? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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