Clash Royale Chest Order Hack: When Will Your Next Magical, Gold Or Giant Chest Drop?

clash royale tips tricks cheats hack Clash Royale Chest Order: When Will Your Next Magical, Gold Or Giant Chest Drop?
Wish you knew when your next gold, magical or giant chest was going to drop in Clash Royale? Check out our simplified listing of chest drop order and how to use it. Supercell

If you’ve been playing Clash Royale any amount of time, you’ve come to realize those silver, gold and magical chests play a major role in your deck building and battle victories. While all chests come in handy, we especially love when a gold or magical chest makes its appearance in the line up. But how often do gold or magic chests drop? While initially players thought chest order was just random, someone figured out there’s actually an algorithm behind when each kind of chest falls and how many of each kind you will get during a cycle of wins. Hidden inside the Clash Royale code, is a listing of chest order, which some kind souls were good enough to stick in pastebin and a Google docs spreadsheet for mass sharing.

UPDATE: An updated Chest Order list including Super Magical Chest probability is here!

We personally tested the chest order found in the code, and thus far, it has accurately predicted the kinds of chests we’ve had dropped each time. While some players say the list is not accurate, we theorize that the inaccuracy may come from not knowing how to use the chest order properly. Below we’ve done a quick overview of how to use the chest order list. If you try it and it still isn’t accurately predicting chest order then please let us know. Keep in mind, the order was tested on an unmodded device. If you are using a jailbroken iPhone or Android device with hacks and cheats installed, then your chest order could be altered by those factors.

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How To Use Clash Royale Chest Order Hack List

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Chest Order for First 22 chests in Clash Royale Photo: iDigitalTimes

UPDATE 2:  An updated Chest Order list including Super Magical Chest probability is here!

UPDATE: The latest version of Clash Royale added a new chest to the mix (super magical). While some theorize the super magical chests just appear randomly, no one knows yet how the new chests alter the order. As a result, this list may no longer be reliable. We are currently testing the pattern to see if we can discover a changed order and will update this post accordingly if so.

Each Player Starts At A Different Place In The Chest Order Cycle So Pay Attention To Magical Chests – ok, so this is the key thing you have to know about the Clash Royale chest order: it is based on an algorithm, but every player starts at a random location in the chest order cycle. So, for example, if my game starts at chest number 9, then the third chest I open will be a magical chest (the first magical chest on the list is chest 11).  The fact that everyone starts in a different place in the cycle makes it more difficult to use the list so the best strategy is to record every chest type you open in an ordered list. When you reach a magical or giant chest (whichever comes first) then really start paying attention to the order after that. You should see a pattern develop  that follows the algorithm and you can follow that the rest of your game. If you come to the end of the chest cycle, just start again at the top.

Chest Order Is Listed By Number Of Chests Dropped -  While initially we thought chest order was listed by battles won, it's actually listed by how many chests you've had drop. Going into Arena One, you automatically get one silver chest, which is Chest "0," but all others won in battles are then numbered as you get them in your chest drop slots. T

Full Chest Slots Don't Alter Order -  sometimes you may want to battle for fun but you don't have any open slots for chests to drop into. That's ok! Your number of wins doesn’t affect the chest order. It basically stops until you have an open slot to drop one into.

If you are ready to start tracking your chest order, the complete cycle is on this Google spreadsheet. As stated above, a new super magical chest was added in the last Clash Royale update so we aren't sure how that could affect the order. We've started a fresh game and are testing each chest dropped to see if the order has changed at all since the update. So far the first 13 chests have dropped according to the old algorithm. We’ve started testing on three different devices in hopes of finding the new chest cycle order and will update this post as we find new information.

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