‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ Booster Pack Guide: Every Card In ‘Neo-Impact’ Set

‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’: Every Card In ‘Neo-Impact’ Set

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has launched in North America and fans of the card game can now build their decks and face others in PVP matches. A big part of strengthening your decks in Duel Links is to gain jewels to purchase booster packs in the Game Shop. These packs all have a theme and come with a lot of cards to help you build new decks or strengthen older ones.

The first booster pack was The Ultimate Rising set that featured Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and a bunch of fusion cards. Now there are two new packs debuting with the release of Duel Links, Age of Discovery and Neo-Impact.

meteor b dragon yugioh duel links
Meteor B. Dragon features in the 'Neo-Impact' set in 'Duel Links' Photo: Konami

Neo-Impact revolves around Ritual monsters and summoning powerful monsters like Meteor B. Dragon. Kaiser Sea Horse and Paladin of White Dragon are also in Neo-Impact and will strengthen Blue-Eyes White Dragon decks.

Utility cards like Mirror Wall and Half Shut are also available in this new booster pack.

Below is a list all of the cards in the Neo-Impact set in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Let us know which cards are your favorites from this pack in the comments section below.

Ultra Rare (10)


Garlandolf, King of Destruction

Divine Grace - Northwemko

Double Coston

Kaiser Sea Horse

Senju of the Thousand Hands

Meteor B. Dragon


Half Shut

Stamping Destruction

Black Pendant


Mirror Wall

Super Rare (12)


Paladin of White Dragon


Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals

Dweller in the Depths

Twin-headed Behemoth

Sasuke Samurai

Djinn Disserere of Rituals

Jerry Beans Man


Gravity Axe- Grarl

Shooting Star Bow - Ceal


Regretful Rebirth

Magician’s Circle

Rare (31)



Cu Chulainn the Awakened

Elemental Mistress Doriado

Dragon Seeker

Machine King

Guardian Grarl

Ancient Dragon

Vylon Charger

Naturia Strawberry

Naturia Dragonfly

Ally of Justice Garadholg


Element Valkyrie

Element Saurus

Element Dragon

Guardian Ceal

Machine King Prototype

D.D. Crazy Beast

Gray Wing

Ally of Justice Clausolas


Sprite's Blessing

Release Restraint Wave

Ritual Weapon

Fusion Weapon

Two-man Cell Battle

Fairy of the Spring


Cry Havoc!

Common Charity

Des Counterblow

Desert Sunlight

Beckoning Light

Micro Ray

Normal (46)


Radiant Spirit

Umbral Soul

Destruction Cyclone

Raging Earth

Fairy King Truesdale


Man-Thro’ Tro’

Absorbing Kid from the Sky

Coach Goblin


Emissary of the Oasis

Arcane Archer of the Forest

The Kick Man

Anti-Aircraft Flower

Chopman the Desperate Outlaw

Servant of Catabolism

Woodland Sprite

Patrol Robo

Phantom Cricket

Pixie Knight



Magical Merchant

Milus Radiant

Meteor Dragon


Ritual of Destruction

Ritual of Grace

The Beginning of the End

Emblem of the Awakening

Synthesis Spell

Doriado’s Blessing

Chaos End

White Dragon Ritual

Buster Rancher

The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler

Gravedigger Ghoul


Painful Escape

High Tide on Fire Island


Treaty on Uniform Nomenclature

A Major Upset

Bamboo Scrap


Ray of Hope

Altar for Tribute

Soul Demolition

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