‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ The Destiny Board Of Doom Event: How To Unlock Yami Bakura

 bakura event yugioh duel links
The Bakura event in 'Duel Links' has begun. Konami

Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom event has come to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and like the Welcome to Toon World event, players can unlock special cards and a brand new character.

Yami Bakura is the character featured in this new Duel Links event and players will have to duel and collect ten-sided dice to challenge him. The higher your Stage level, the more dice you can obtain. Note, you’ll need to be at least Stage level 4 to participate. Accumulate 200,000 points in your duels with Yami Bakura and you will unlock this new duelist.

Bakura will first appear in the Duel Gate at level 10 and every time you defeat him, his level will increase. The higher the level Bakura is when you duel him, the more points you get, whether you win or lose. So try and defeat Bakura at level 30 or higher to get the most out of your dice.

There’s also plenty of other prizes to win like cards, sleeves and mats along with rare stones for trading so keep dueling even after you unlock Yami Bakura. You can even f arm for his signature cards. Here are the cards you can win for defeating Bakura either in the Duel Gate or Duel World.

bakura cards yugioh duel links
The cards you can win from Bakura in 'Duel Links' Photo: Konami

Bakura will also begin to appear in Duel World at level 50 when you accumulate a certain amount of Event Points. You can duel Bakura here without spending ten-sided dice but at level 50, you’ll definitely need to be prepared. However, challenging Bakura in Duel World will also give duelists a chance to obtain special rewards and a large amount of event points when he is defeated.

So what do you think of the Destiny Board of Doom event in Duel Links ? Have you unlocked Yami Bakura yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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