WWE News: New Ring Setup Means More Shark Cage Shenanigans

The new WWE ring setup revealed at this year's Toy Fair iDigitalTimes / Bob Fekete

A new WWE/NXT ring setup has been revealed thanks to a new toy line on display at 2017’s Toy Fair. Like the Royal Rumble this year, the new ring setup will again feature cages above the ring.

Some of the Tough Talker figures on display at Toy Fair Photo: iDigitalTimes / Bob Fekete

All of this, as you would expect, is to sell toys. The new Tough Talkers line of toys in question are actually pretty cool, with smart sound technology. The wrestler figures can say some of their famous catchphrases, and if they hear another figure talking, can respond back. Additionally, the Tough Talker ring can sense which figures are being used, and can play the appropriate entrance music.

The new ring setup on display at Toy Fair. Note the two cages in opposite corners Photo: iDigitalTimes / Bob Fekete

As for the real-world ramifications of the toy, the Tough Talker ring features two cages on opposite ringposts. The Mattel representative mentioned that this ring setup will be used for tag-team matches, and one member of each team will be in a cage. It sounds like a mix between a tag match and Elimination Chamber, I guess.

It was also confirmed by Mattel that this ring will first see action at NXT TakeOver: Houston on Nov. 18. This will be the event the day before Survivor Series 2017.

This all makes sense, given last year’s new toy line. The WWE Crash Cage toy set featured a dangling shark cage over the ring, and that setup would first get used at NXT TakeOver: Toronto in a match between the Authors of Pain and TM61. The cage saw use again at this year’s Royal Rumble, with former best friends Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens separated by the structure.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see this new ring setup in action? Who do you think will participate in the tag match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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