‘Wonder Woman’ Villain Is Ares: Details About The God Of War’s Role Revealed

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017. Warner Bros Studios

Last month, a photo of Wonder Woman stealing the God Killer sword was released. The spoiler suggested rumors that Ares would be the villain of the Wonder Woman movie could be true. After all, if you’re tasked with killing the God of War, the God Killer blade would be a nice thing to have. Now we know this prediction had some serious weight to it.

French publication Studio Ciné Live has confirmed Ares is the Wonder Woman villain. Les Toiles Héroïques translated the story’s description (Via ComicBook.com ) and we finally have some insight into Ares’ role.

ares wonder woman
Ares is one of the top DC villains and Wonder Woman's main adversary in the comics. Photo: DC

“Behind these scientific formulas, there is a deadly gas that could well annihilate humanity. Now, it turns out that this is precisely the goal of Ares, the God of War. He is jealous of humanity, which is a creation of his father, the deceased Zeus (he was killed by Ares when he rebelled against him, with the help of the Amazons)…”

The new information aligns with Entertainment Weekly ’s report from last month.

"There is a point in any good origin story where the hero has to make the decision to step out on her own, forge her own path, and fight for what’s right. For Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), her moment comes when she disobeys her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen); breaks into the heavily guarded armory on her idyllic all-female island of Themyscira; and — as seen in the exclusive image above — steals the Amazon’s mythical sword, the ‘god killer,’ before heading to Europe to help save humanity."

The next question is who will play Ares. The most popular rumor stems from a suspicious scene from the Wonder Woman trailer released last month. Ares could have been disguised as German Army officer Erich Ludendorff. The actor in question is Danny Huston, known for roles as a villain in movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine . The brief fight scene seems to suggest Hudson's character has supernatural powers.

Check out a new batch of photos below. Wonder Woman arrives in theaters June 2, 2017.


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