Winds Of Winter Spoilers: If Young Griff Isn’t The Dragon’s Third Head, Who Is?

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow
Jon Snow is alive, sheeple! Wake up! (Image: HBO)

The dragon has three heads. It’s one of the most important prophecies in Game of Thrones and in A Song of Ice and Fire, and recent events (or lack thereof) in Game of Thrones season 5 may have called the answer to that prophecy into question. Who shall be the three dragonriders when the heart of winter comes to Westeros?

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Even when you play the Game of Thrones, you need some downtime now and then. Daenerys could use a break! (Image: HBO)


Who Are The Three Heads Of The Dragon?


In a vision in the House of the Undying, Daenerys saw her brother Rhaegar looking at his newborn babe and in his arms. Here’s a summary of what he said in A Clash of Kings, via

[Rhaegar] is speaking to a woman who is nursing a newborn babe, telling her that the child's name should be Aegon and saying that "What better name for a king?" The woman asks him if he will make a song for the child, and he replies that he has a song and that "He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire." He appears to look at Dany then, as if seeing her, and then he adds that "There must be one more," and "The dragon has three heads."

Two of the most important lines in the series, side by side: His is the song of ice and fire, and the dragon has three heads. That alludes to the coming war between ice, represented by the Others, and fire, represented by the dragons. It has long been assumed that two of the heads of the dragons are Daenerys herself and Jon Snow, Rhaegar’s bastard son. This still seems like the case.

The most likely identity of the dragon’s third head has, since Dance With Dragons came out, been Young Griff, the supposed Aegon Targaryen, who Varys spirited away from death at Gregor Clegane’s hands. But there has always been some doubt as to whether Aegon is in fact who he believes he is, or if he’s simply the “mummer’s dragon,” a fake created by Varys to cause strife and win back the Seven Kingdoms… but without the bloodline necessary to actually ride dragons, something he couldn’t ever have predicted being necessary.

The case against Aegon is compounded by the character’s absence from Game of Thrones season 5. That practically telegraphs that Young Griff isn’t, in the end, all that important. Either he’s a fake, or he’s going to get his ass whupped at Storm’s End, or the show is changing things up in a really tremendous way (or, conceivably, will introduce him later).

So if Aegon isn’t the dragon’s third head, who is? Once upon a time, I would have said Victarion Greyjoy, who does have a dragon’s horn, after all. Nobody ever said the dragon’s heads had to get along. But he isn’t in the show either. That leaves Bran warging into one of the dragons, which seems extraordinarily dumb, or Tyrion, who fans have long dreamed is a secret Targaryen. I have never given that much credence, but unless Aegon turns up sometime later… that seems like the best guess at our man.

What do you think? Who is the dragon’s third head? Is Aegon going to show up later, or will it be another?

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