Watch 'Steven Universe' Episode 'Storm In The Room' Preview: There's No Rose Quartz But Oh, She'll Be There

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Steven Universe 01
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In new teasers for upcoming Steven Universe episode “Storm in the Room,” we see Connie staying over late at Steven’s house and lots of classic Steven avoidance of what might fairly be termed "feeling blue." Check out a sneak peek video for new Steven Universe episode “Storm in the Room” below:

Turns out everything that happened at Pink Diamond’s zoo is weighing on Steven, who doesn’t want to be alone. On top of that, Connie can’t seem to get in touch with her mom, so she stays over with Steven for a while. Sounds like we’re up for a lot of Steven-related character development as Steven struggles to process everything that’s happened to him. One thing’s for sure: if Steven’s wrestling over Rose Quartz’s long shadow in his life, this episode will be a meaty one.

Will Connie’s mom coming over to pick her up trigger some of Steven’s mixed feelings and curiosity about his mysterious mother? Will we learn anything new about Rose Quartz, or will Steven’s room only project his own understanding of the complex Gem she was? Will Steven be able to find any peace? Where’s Jasper? (I won’t give up. I won’t surrender!)

On Feb. 24, we can look forward to another Ronaldo episode called “Rocknaldo” in which our favorite (groan) Beach City citizen hunts down more rock people in his hometown. Why must we pay for our rich post-hiatus arc in Ronaldo filler…? “Rocknaldo” will be followed on March 3 by “Tiger Philanthropist” in which Steven tries out pro wrestling… again. Quick, spin the wheel: fun filler or not-fun filler?

Filler bets aside, Steven Universe episode “Storm in the Room” airs this Friday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. EST on Cartoon Network, so don’t miss it in between all those Teen Titan Go reruns.

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